Bessie Coleman

getting to know her..............

Bessie coleman

Bessie was born on January 26,1892. Her dad moved away and she felt really sad because her brothers moved away with her dad.She started picking cotton and she remember that she wanted to go to school but she had to go to an all black school with know whites and if she wanted to go to school she had to go to an all black school still.

Moving to chicago

At the age of 23 bessie made a trip to chicago and so when she went to chicago she had to sit on hard hard hard hard chairs and they mad her do that so she had to sit down any way and so she went to to chicago and she mad it and went to go see her brother's and dad.

Bessie Coleman dream

Bessie coleman her dream was to become a pilot and people will bully her because they thought that girls could not do anything so.. she did not listen to they so.. she did it anyway and when people saw how bessie coleman can fly and she was so... so... so.. happy of herself.

character traits

-She was a brave when she jumped out of the plane young girl page-16

-She was respectful and responseble when she picked cotton page-7

-She was a whiz at math in class page -5

-She was ambitous when she borded the train page -8

-She was sucsestul when she finished the 8th grade page -7

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