Froggy News

December 7, 2014

Events for this Month

Tuesday, Dec. 9th-Native American Test (see attached review sheet)

Tuesday, Dec. 16th-Unit 4 Math test (more information will follow)

Friday, Dec. 19th-Polar Express Day (wear PJs)

Monday, Dec. 22nd-$1.00 to wear PJs; Sing Along

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd-Class Party

Supplies Needed

The kids are running low on some supplies. Please replenish glue sticks, crayons and pencils. When you are sending in pencil. Please make sure they are sharpened. Thank you!!!

Reading Logs

In order to encourage reading goals and learning about different types of genres we will be starting something new! On Monday the children will be receiving a book log for home. As part of their homework they will be expected to read for 10 minutes each night.

The children will be recording the books that they read and the genre code on the log. We will be keeping the logs in a sleeve in their binders. On one side their will be a log and the other will be a complete guide of different genres and their codes. Since we are in the process of learning all the genres you may have to help your child determine the genre of their book. Happy Reading!!



This week in reading we will be reading a book called My First American Friend. We will be learning about the following:

  • genres
  • book logs
  • asking questions and using schema before, during and after reading
  • retelling a story using a story map
  • character traits
  • reading fluently-pausing at punctuation
  • identifying how characters change

Writer's Workshop

This week we will be writing about Holiday Traditions. We will be using the sheet that was sent home last week to help us. The children will be learning how to use a web and a 4 Square to organize their paragraphs. We will also learning about transition words, adjectives and commas.


In Math this week we will be working on the following skills:

  • adding multiple digits
  • measure length and distances
  • adding 2 and 3 digit numbers
  • partial sums

A great resource is to go on the Everyday Math Website. In order to access this website you will need your child's Everyday Math Log which is located in your child's binder.

Once you’re in the website you will need to indicate the lessons that we are on for the day. Then you can access many things like games, Home Links and view tutorial videos. So if your child leaves their Home Link book in school you can go on the web page and print out the page!

Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts at home. They should be visiting the EXTRA Math site twice a week at home.


We will be working on Sort 17 which is short and long u again. Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words using the Spelling City website Please look for Sort 17 for this week's words.

Native American Unit

This week we will be finishing up the Native American Unit. We will be reviewing on Monday and taking our test on Tuesday. The children have been learning to use their nonfiction skills and look up information about Lenape Indians. We have been doing this as a class and taking notes. They will bring home their notes on Monday so they can study.

Please review their notes paying special attention to the following:

  • The Three Sisters.

  • Wigwams and what are the important things we learned about it.

  • Hunting and clothing.

  • Where The Lenape lived

  • How the Lenape traveled

Review the Churchville Nature Center trip and how it tied into what we learned about the Lenape


Last week your child should have brought home their Flat Stanley. Please make sure you mail it to someone ASAP so they have enough time to complete the form and hopefully take pictures of local landmarks.

We will be starting geography this week. We will be learning about a map and a map key.



Home Link 4.5

Study for Native American Test

Read for 10 min.-Complete Reading log


Spelling page 11

Home Link 4.6

Read for 10 min.-Complete Reading log


Spelling page 12

Home Link 4.7

Read for 10 min.-Complete Reading log


Study words

Home Link 4.8

Read for 10 min.-Complete Reading log

Extra Math 2x a week