Reagans Ocean Birthday!

Zayna & Marlee's Party Planning

Reagan's Birthday!

Sunday, Feb. 9th, 9pm

Coach Roberts Backyard

Regan's 9th birthday is coming soon, and we have the perfect party planned. Everybody will have a blast at the in the backyard with this ocean themed party, complete with fish and mermaids all rolled into $300!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Theme: Ocean, Mermaids

Decorations (+ tax)

2 Blow Up Mermaids: 5.85

6 Tissue Paper Fish: 6.98

6 Sea Creature Balloons: 2.43

25 + Sea Shells: 3.75

Turquoise Streamers- 1.07

Folding Table: 60.93

Marine Backdrop: 14.07

Dolphin Ring Toss: 8.67


We will have all sorts of foods, everything but cucumbers of course! We'll have pizza, Mac and cheese, salad, and fruits. For drinks there will be punch, soda, and water. And to top it all of, there'll be a magnificent ocean themed cake, and cookies! Enjoy! :) (prices in budget area)

-Kraft mac and cheese.. yumm!

-4 delicious Cici's pizza's

-Candy Haven custom strawberry ocean themed cake:

Dreyers Ice Cream


Kids will have so much fun with these awesome activities we have planned!

First they can take pictures with two blow up mermaids and the cutest little fish to take home so they can remember the party for a long time.

They will also get to go on a super fun treasure hunt. They will search for sea shells hidden around the backyard, and get to keep what they find!

After that, they will have a blast playing with the mermaids and the 12 inflatable fish.

They will also get to play Dolphin Ring Toss, where you try to throw a hoop onto the dolphin's nose.

Each kid will get to take home the shells they find and one inflatable fish, if they want to. At the end, we will cut the cake and let the kids run around a little bit to burn off that sugar rush. :)

Budget: 300 dollars

We only have 300 dollars to create a mermaid themed party! This is where we will keep track of our budget.

Food: (all) $ 97.62

Favors: (all) $23.73

Decorations: (all) $ 71.55

Extra: Folding Table: $60.93, Invitations: 10.01, Dolphin Ring Toss: 8.67

In All- $ 249.22


These are some supplies we will need to make this party happen:

Plates, utensils, and more- Ocean Party Standard Kit: $7.50 each = $30

For party favors we will get the perfect ocean take-home. We have listed the party favor supplies and prices, with tax:

Fish Shaped Bottle Necklaces- 12 ct. $5.99 + tax = 6.48

Blue Favor Bags- 20 ct. $2.99 + tax = 3.23

Royal Blue Mini Gumballs: 52 ct. $2.99 + tax = 3.23

Squishy Sea Creatures: 24 ct. $3.99 + tax = 4.31

Fish Straws: 12 ct. $5.99 + tax = 6.48

Invitations: 10.01

Well, we had all of that awesome stuff, so we must have put some work into it. These are some of the pictures of work we did.

We worked our hardest to create a super fun mermaid party for Reagan. It was a little bit hard, because its too early in the year for a pool party, but with 300 dollars we think we did a pretty good job. In the end, we only spent $249.22 dollars out of our budget. I hope you like it!