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All Things Fifth Grade!

- Upcoming Dates -

March 22: Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 24: Trimester 2 - Fifth Grade Party

March 24: Summer School Registration DUE

March 25/29: No School

Read About It...

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* Bookish News *

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Writer's Workshop


  • Revisit final copies and expand, edit and revise!


Unit 3- Mixtures and Solutions

Investigation 2: Separating a Salt Solution

  • How can a solution be separated?

- Investigating Mixtures and Solutions -


Unit 7: Multiplication and Division with Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • Dividing Decimals
  • Converting Fractions to Decimls

Reader's Workshop

Book Clubs Meet:

  • Wrap up and conclusion of second book club groups!

Interpretation Book Clubs

  • Setting ambitious reading goals
  • Writing about reading
  • Learning to think analytically


March Reading Goal: 40 Minutes with a book each night

  • This is a hefty reading goal but March is our last month of participating in the Book It Reading program. We like to go out with a bang and see who can push themselves as readers!
  • Encourage your child to sit down with a book every single day.