Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Sept 21


There are a few things in today's bulletin about PBIS, Character Ed, and Trauma Sensitive Schools. Over the past few weeks, I've been looking at these three frameworks and trying to reconcile the similarities and differences between each. I think I was looking at these as some kind of "Word Sort" - trying to tease out the discrete components that might fit into each category. And although they each have a specific flavor to them, all three are really about relationships. Plain old relationships.

Trauma Sensitive Schools - We recognize that some students might have a more difficult time forming and sustaining positive relationships.

PBIS - We proactively set the expectations for how we relate to each other.

Character Ed - We recognize the traits that constitute productive relationships.

We could throw in more initiatives such as Social-Emotional Learning or Restorative Justice. But they all just simply boil down to solid relationships with students, parents, and each other.

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 24

PD Day

Tuesday, September 25

Sports-themed clothes day for Homecoming week.

Wednesday, September 26

Tropical-themed clothes day for Homecoming week

Staff meeting 7:15

Ms. Wilke's class field trip to Kohler art center

Health stat appointments start

Thursday, September 27

Lakeview clothing or colors for Homecoming week

Luncheon for Mrs. Scales

Ms. Sodemann's class field trip to Kohler art center

Friday, September 28

Rocket clothing or colors for Homecoming week

Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4

Conferences - Please reach out and schedule conferences with families that did not sign up so that every student has a conference.

Thursday, October 4

Lakeview PTO day at Culver's. Mmm ... I know how I am celebrating the end of conferences.

Here is the flyer to use if you go.

Friday, October 5

No school for students or staff

Golden Lion

Week #4 is coming up, and that's a great time to inject a positive boost. I propose the following school-wide recognition program to recognize positive behaviors:

This document has a full explanation of how and when to use positive reinforcers at Lakeview.

Students will receive a "Golden Lion" ticket when you feel they should be recognized for an SM character trait OR one of our Lakeview expectations (Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Engaged). The student will bring the ticket to the office at an appropriate time (see the document) where we will take their picture and post their picture and the award on the office window. Then, when we have an assembly (first one will be towards the end of October), we will return the tickets to students in a public recognition of positive behaviors. Cortney has printed the tickets for you and you may start using them on Monday. This will replace the former pride awards.

I want the workflow to be as simple as possible for all of us and the recognition to be genuine and valued for the students. Each teacher should go through this new system with your class on Monday morning, perhaps during nutrition break. I would suggest bringing out the PBIS matrix at the same time as a review.

PTO Minutes

Last night, our PTO met. I really want to thank Christine Clausen and her team for the support they have and continue to provide to us. Thanks to Mary Beth, Sue, Natalie, and Craig for representing the staff last night as well. If you have not signed up for a PTO meeting, here is a link to the document.

Grandparent's Day will be Friday, October 19th from 8:30-10:00 a.m.

The PTO will have a table at conferences to help spread the word and collect contact info from families. As you get to know your parents, please think about ways they may be able to get involved. It usually takes a personal invitation from people before they will commit to attending or volunteering.

Bits & Pieces

Family newsletter - Here is a link to this week's family newsletter. I will be asking you to survey every family at conferences to ask them if they are receiving our newsletter, and if not, how we can make sure they do going forward.

Dress code - With a PD day on Monday and a week's worth of spirit days for homecoming, please review this clarified dress code policy. I do love a good dress up day, and I always appreciate not having to iron, but please pay attention to the language about jean days.

Positive Calls from the Principal - If you have a student that does something in class that you would like me to recognize, please fill out this short form. Make it a bookmark in your browser. I will have the student come to the office, congratulate them, and make a positive phone call home.

Instructional Schedules - Now that we are entering week #4 and routines have settled in, I would ask that everyone pay close attention to the instructional schedules we set. I use this, our coaches and interventionists use it, and our students need every minute we have set aside for instruction.

Interventionists - On Monday afternoon, Melissa and Therese will likely be coming to talk with grade levels about ideas for intervention this year. We are exploring possibilities around providing support to students and planning to start these interventions next week.

Google Expeditions - is ready to go. If you are ready for an Expedition, please see Rachel or Tammy. Here is a link to the incredible list of Expeditions upon which you could embark.

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

Recently, I met with a team that expressed their desire to dig deeper and further into the Trauma Sensitive framework. Although we know there are no explicit TSS "strategies" for us now, I have a suggestion: Character Dares. The character dares have been all about building relationships. Think back to the first three:

#1 - Know student's names and look them in the eye when greeting

#2 - Ask students what they could teach us

#3 - Make positive phone calls home

They almost sound too simple. But powerful. I see people still doing Dare #1, even though we are at the end of week 3. A dare doesn't have to last for just one week. Hopefully, they become part of our regular practice.

Dare #4 is below! This one takes a little more trust and makes you swallow a little harder, but it is called a "dare" after all.

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