By- Wendelin Van Draanen


A boy named Bryce Loski moves next door to Juli Baker. She starts to like him the second she she's him. Juli constantly talks to Bryce. Bryce gets really annoyed by her. He tries to avoid her as much as possible. After awhile, Juli starts raising chickens. Everyday she would bring chicken eggs over to Bryce and his family. Bryce was scared of getting Salmonella poising because Julis yard was so messy. So each time Juli gave Bryce eggs, he threw them away. He had done this for 2 years. Juli finally catches him throwing her eggs away. She is furious with him. "Im done with Bryce Loski" Juli tells herself. Bryce starts to feel bad. More things start to happen. But in the end, life flips for both of them. Bryce starts to like Juli.
Flipped Movie

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