Horace Mann High School

Building Goal and Information

Building Goal

Information I will share with School Board at tonight's board meeting.

All PLC teams will focus on data this year using a Smart goal to become more educated on using data to improve student achievement. Our building goal is for every student to show growth through either the Star data, WKCE score(improvement from 8th grade) or through teacher assessments.

As a building we have a new modified block schedule and our goal is to be able to show growth for our students in ELA and Math and for our students in enrichment to indicate they feel the activity is beneficial. By the end of the school year all students will be surveyed to ask about our schedule and to review the results of the survey for our new schedule. Staff members will also review data for ELA and Math by using the Star asssessment, WKCE, Keytrain and other in class assessments to review which students are not making appropriate growth and discuss and implement strategies to support these students.

As a building we are using STAR training for our freshmen and sophomores. A high school goal is to ensure staff receive the necessary training and are able to implement the STAR assessment, use the data from the assessment and adjust any teaching. By the end of the school year the staff who are using STAR(9th grade teachers) will have implemented three asssessments, reviewed data and shared with their team and Mrs. Freimund, shared strategies with their PLC team to increase growth and completed a report for the school and school board regarding their results.


Just a reminder your Student Survey on Oasys is due October 15th.

Your SLO and self assessment with your Professional Goal if possible by October 15th or at the latest October 30th.

I shared with PLC groups that I saw on Wednesday but on Oasys the SLO and self-assessment are on the same page. There are three steps to the process.

Step one, SLO Process, Step Two, Self-Assessment of Professional Practice and Step Three, Professional Practice Goal.

In Step One, you complete the multi-step SLO Process using the DPI SLO Process and Scoring Guide that is linked on the component document.

Step two is to complete the Self-Assessment of Professional Practice identifying Strengths and Area for Growth. You address the Standard you are identifying, you do not have to respond to each indicator below the Standard. This is a 3 year process. You reflect on all 6 Standards in Year One, one or possibly two in Year Two and one or two in Year Three.

Step three you will write a Professional Practice Goal, one each year. Your Professional Practice Goal should support your selected SLO.

If I can help in any way please let me know.

Homecoming Week

I am working with Adam and have asked if BA would switch their block days to Tuesday/Wednesday and we would cover on Thursday as we would run an early release schedule for our Spirit Olympics. I will let you know asap.

Katie and Student Council members have planned a great week of Homecoming Activities and Dress up days for us! Thank you for encouraging students to participate!

Friday, September 26

Fancy Friday

Wear your fanciest/most extravagant clothes!

Monday, September 29

Crazy Hair & Pajama Day

Tuesday, September 30

Animal & Camo Day

Wednesday, September 25

Decades/Favorite Character Day

Thursday, September 26

Class Colors

Friday, September 27

Oriole Pride

Wear your black & orange!


Please make sure your Oriole Way posters are posted and we have a copy in the high school office. Please make sure your sub folders are on your desk when needed for a sub and please make sure you have a copy of our schedule/modified block schedule and any necessary information including your schedule, notes, etc. Thank you!


Thank you to Jill and others who are using Keytrain curriculum. I believe Jill, Tom, Brian, Jeff, Liz and Jana all have login information. It is a great curriculum and others may be able to help you if you'd like to also incorporate it in your Oriole time or even class time. If you have questions please let us know.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Jana Weigandt 9/25, Becky Carmona 9/27 and Jim Sandstrom 9/29

Have a great day everyone!


Please let me know if you have any custodial, maintenance, technology or any other areas of need and I will do my best to help or find someone who will be able to help.

If you have any questions on supporting students during Oriole time please also let me know.

Have a great week everyone!