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Winter Break is Here!

Friday is a full work day, unless your goal team chose to meet on this day. Dr. Anderson sent out an email stating that this day can not be used as a trade out day and if you are absent, you must code it appropriately with Kelly Sub. Services. Lunch will be provided tomorrow-no need to pack your lunch!

Each week it is very hard to choose a teacher to spotlight! There are so many of you who have been going above and beyond the last few weeks preparing for winter break! This week I also want to include some recognition received through SharePoint on several staff members. You will find that below.

When we return from winter break, the scheduled makerspace time will be gone. Your counseling time will replace the makerspace time (and fill that slot weekly). The only schedule change will be for 3rd & 5th grade. I will send that schedule out on has been on my list-just haven't made it to that yet. Please if you are confused at all after receiving the schedule, let me know.

Have a WONDERFUL winter break! I truly do love working with each of you and consider myself so fortunate to be a part of the Sequiota Tribe!


A comment from one of Traci's students, "I am most comfortable talking to Mrs. Nelson about it, because I KNOW she will stand up for EVERY STUDENT".-is there a better compliment?

Traci has had a week full of doing what she does best! Traci cares deeply about her students and their success. When dealing with controversy in her classroom, Traci has an ability to put herself in the parents shoes and shows empathy for each and every family/student. Traci is fair and not only wants her students to achieve academically but also socially and emotionally. In Guided Reading, Traci is best at conferencing with students. Traci has an ability to question students, relate the article/book to each student individually and take them deeper in their understanding. These conversations are not forced, they are natural for Traci. So much of critical thinking is driven by the teacher, and Traci does this so well! Traci has great classroom management. Every morning her students are seated and hard at work-and not just this year-every year. Traci has high expectations and students rise to meet those expectations because she builds relationships with them 1st. Traci has excellent communication and updates her parents weekly. Traci is using Remind 101 this year, google slides, tried a new way for parents to sign up for conferences and continues to dive into new learning through PBL. Traci is an excellent teammate and collaborates & shares weekly with her grade level team.

Thank you Traci for truly caring about your students academically, socially and emotionally-we sure are lucky to have you as a part of our tribe! Thank you for being a "HERO" for every student in your classroom every day.

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Staff Recognition on Sharepoint!

Traci Nelson has an classroom to teach her fourth grade students to learn to be responsible for their own workload. This is such an excellent transition from the earlier elementary where the teacher's walked the students through the day. Traci gives the students the expectations, holds them to it, and then rewards those students when they succeed. She provides a safe and fair classroom which is a comfort to our 4th grade daughter who is a rule follower and perfectionist. Traci rewards those students who perform to the levels with academics and behavior that is expected. Our daughter is challenged and rewarded and respects her teacher. Mrs Nelson is a great teacher and we are lucky to have our daughter in her class.

Michelle is such a fabulous teacher. She has encouraged and pushed our son with his reading and math and he now loves to attend school to have her as his teacher. We have been lucky enough that our son has been able to have her as his teacher for two years in a row. Michelle has such a wonderful way with these children that are her students. She is firm, demands respect, in a caring way. The kids love her, as do the parents. She is so positive and supportive and it makes our son want to succeed under her guidance. We feel fortunate to have Michelle Slominsky as our son's 1st grade teacher and at Sequiota.

Ms. Rinkoski is an awesome teacher! My little girl is motivated to do her very best each day whether there is a reward or not and I believe Ms. Rinkoski has a lot to do with that. Ms. Rinkoski provides engaging and real-to-life instruction that makes learning fun. We feel so lucky to have her as a teacher!

Mrs. Griffin is an amazing teacher who builds personal connections with her students. My son loves going to school each and every day because she keeps him engaged in real world problems. I also love her growth mindset and that she is establishing the same mindset in her students. Thanks for all that you do Mrs. Griffin!

Mrs. Kilburn has made our son's transition to Kindergarten wonderful for him and for my husband and I. He is definitely engaged. He is excited to go to school every day and is excited to tell us what he learned that day. One of his favorite things is spelling the new words he has learned. Reading is really clicking for him now, which is something Mrs. Kilburn managed that we weren't having much luck with at home. We are so thankful for Mrs. Kilburn and the fabulous experience we have had at Sequiota.

Mrs Pawlowski is an amazing 1st grade teacher. She is committed 100% everyday & so compassionate with every student. My daughter, Kinsey Carr has flourished in her class this year. Mrs Pawlowski has a smile that will light up any room. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness!

Mrs. Griffin is a great example of the type of teacher that I want in SPS. She is kind, patient, and looks at each student as an individual learner with special strengths and needs. She does a great job of keeping the communications lines open between school and home and is very quick to return emails and calls from parents. My student enjoys going to school, and while he's kept accountable each day, he also speaks of the fun that Mrs. Griffin facilitates in the classroom. Mrs. Griffin knows my student, from his favorite sports teams to his favorite kinds of books. As a parent, I find great comfort in sending my son to school knowing that he is more than a number to his teacher!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Schofield! Our daughter has struggled a little bit in the past, and had begun to dread school. Mrs. Schofield has
been a breath of fresh air. Our daughter has bounced back and is loving school again. One thing our daughter struggles with is disorganization and
injustice. Mrs Schofield has created individual ways to help her stay organized and our daughter feels like she can go to her if things are unfair. This creates
a lot less internal anxiety. Thank you so much for your energy and openness you bring to fourth grade! We appreciate you!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Kilburn. She has created a wonderful environment for our kids to learn and be excited about coming to school.
This sets such a great precedent for their learning years to come. Silas is always disappointed if he has to miss school. Thank you for giving him a wonderful
foundation for his future education. We appreciate you!

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