Toddler Classes

Taught by Heather Sheehan

Me and My Toddler Art

Let’s have fun and make the mess somewhere else!! This class is designed to give young artists a chance at all the medias that make big messes and parents and caregivers can relax and have fun too because the mess is not in YOUR house! Each week will be a different project. These little artists will create a variety of projects including: up-cycle art, make and paint a bird feeder, make a watercolor name sign, create a reusable canvas tote, make and take the very best homemade play dough, acrylic painting on canvas, learn a basic print-making technique, and make stain-glass window art. In this class your child is the boss! You can help out as much or as little as they would like you too. This is a wonderful opportunity for your little one to work on leadership skills and also have the independence that they are continually searching for. We will work on many fine motor skills such as cutting with scissors, holding paint brushes, and gluing.


Movin' & Shakin'

Students will burn off some energy in this fun dance class! This class is designed to keep kids moving, develop balance and coordination, and encourage agility and rhythm. Students will play games, learn colors and shapes, as well as act out animals.

Code: 2016.603

How To Register

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