Pet News

written by Stephanie Cruz

Pet Nutrition

WATER is the most important nutrient essential to life. Water accounts for beetween 60 to 70 percent of an adult pet body weight. While food may help meet some of your pet water needs (dry food has up to 10 percent moisture while canned food has up to 78 percent moisture). Pets need to have fresh clean water available to them at all times. A deficiency of water may have serious repercussions for pets. A 10 percent decrease in body water can cause serious illness, while a 15 percent loss can result in death.

Caring for a Pet

Pets need a good SHELTER where they are going to stay safely. A pet needs alot of love. The best food for your pet is dry food.Pets need shots for there health. Always contact a veteranarian, if your pet gets sick. Always care for your pet because they need you and you need them . Remember they are your responsibility and they are part of the family .If you don't want them give them to someone that is alone that needs a buddy. Pets feel when you don't want them don't make them feel sad because they are like us and they feel what we feel. REMEMBER they are part of the family. Love them care for them and respect them.

Stephanie Cruz

I love pets and enjoy playing with my dogs.