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Recap of "An ALL STARS Nutcracker" & DVD sale

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"Inspiration" Spring Recital

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First day of Winter Classes


Spring Recital Family Participation Fee Due
Rock Academy Recital Commitment Letters Due


OPEN for all classes!

Student Choreography Applications Due

25 - 30th

COLORS WEEK! - any color dance wear is allowed in classes.


Student Choreography Auditions

@ 7:30


OPEN for all classes!

22 - 27th

COLORS WEEK! - any color dance wear is allowed in classes.


ALL STARS Rock Academy Recital
@ Tannery Row Ale House 5pm



"Inspiration" Spring Recital tickets go on sale

5th - 27th
Photo Sessions for "Inspiration" Spring Recital
please see photo session schedule posted in the studio on the wall between room 2 & 3. It can also be found online HERE at the ALL STARS website, under the current events page.


OPEN for all classes!

25 - 31th

COLORS WEEK! - any color dance wear is allowed in classes.


2nd - 8th

DANCE, ROCK, & ACTING Academies CLOSED for Spring Break

"Inspiration" Spring Recital FINALE Rehearsal
7:30 - 9:30 @ ALL STARS

"Inspiration" Spring Recital FINALE Rehearsal
1:00 - 5:00 @ ALL STARS

ALL STARS Acting Academy Spring Shows @ NGHS
"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" & "The 25th Annual Putnam County SPELLING BEE"

"Inspiration" Spring Recital - General and Finale Rehearsals
@ ALL STARS 1:00 - 7:00pm

12th, Thursday
"Inspiration" Spring Recital - DRESS REHEARSAL
@ Infinite Energy Center (formally the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center)
3:00 - 10:00pm (times of rehearsal will be announced closer to the date)

13th - 14th, Friday & Saturday

"Inspiration" Spring Recital Performances

@ Infinte Energy Center

Friday - 7:30 --dancers plan to arrive no later than 6:30
Saturday - 1:00 -- dancers plan to arrive no later than 12:00
Saturday - 6:30 --dancers plan to arrive no later than 5:30

(MANY) more details to follow :P

Link to Calendar of Events on the ALLSTARS web site - BE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN

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We wish each of our birthday students a wonderful year! Eat lots of cake!

January Birthdays

3 - Camryn Flores

4 - Clare McGuire

6 - Maggie Osborne

10 - Ella Wilson

11 - Connor Donahue & Gabrial Goheen

12 - Gabriella Busic & Natalie Schmid

17 - Brookelle Bradford & Andreah Harris

18 - Shayla Vo

19 - Hailey Arendell & Asia Muhammed

20 - Darius Lane & Kylie Wallace

21 - Karina Gonzalez

23 - Kaycie Self

24 - Kinzey Garlick

25 - Seth Zimmerman

26 - Adam Hordines

27 - Lia Cooper

28 - Michelle Christopher

30 - Veronica Wiktorowicz

"An ALLSTARS Nutcracker"

"Well that just happened!!!"

Yes it did! What amazing performances!
So many compliments and congratulations for all the dancers.

Some of the comments we've heard...

"So entertaining! I loved the Teen Beach twist!"

"I may never see a traditional Nutcracker again! This was so fun!"

"The dancers were wonderful. I've been watching them over the last 4 years through may different performances and their technique and stage presence have really improved. They are improving as entertainers!"

"My 4 year old boy sat through the whole show on the edge of his seat."

"We thought we would just be kind and support a friend, and ended up completely enjoying ourselves. The dancers were great and the music was fun. Let us know when they dance again. We want to come for sure!"

DVD's of "An ALL STARS NUTCRACKER" will be available for $15.
Visit or email the front desk at to order.

ALL STARS Acting Academy

2016 is HERE! ..and ALL STARS Performing Arts Acting Department is getting ready to start the spring semester with two fantastic musicals!! Don't miss out...sign your actor up for our spring musicals TODAY!!! 2016 is going to be GREAT for the All Stars actors!!
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ALL STARS Rock Academy

The date for the ROCK ACADEMY'S MUSIC RECITAL has been set. Our concert will be held at the Buford Tannery Row Ale House on Sunday, February 28nd, 2016, at 5pm.
Musicians: Please click on this link to obtain our Recital Details Letter and the Music Recital Commitment Letter.

Everything you need to know is on the Recital Details Letter. You can also pick up a copy of The Recital Details Letter and Commitment Letter at the studio.

Very important: The Commitment Letter has to be submitted before January 15th, 2015.

Not a musician? Make plans to attend the Rock Academy recital and support your fellow ALL STARS.
This show is going to ROCK!

Shout Outs & Congratulations

Caroline Ursprung has advanced to Pointe!
Congratulations Caroline! You have been working hard.

CALLING ALL A & B students!

Report cards will be sent out soon...let us celebrate and acknowledge your hard work in the classroom!

Please have a parent let us know at the front desk, or bring a copy of your report card to show us. We'll add your name to our A's & B's board!

"Inspiration" Spring Recital

By now you should have heard about our Spring Recital. The themes is "Inspiration" and the dance instructors have been working hard to put what inspires them into fantastic choreography!

Check out the purple wall in the studio (past the desk by room 3) to see what costumes they have chosen to show off their dance moves.

If you have signed the commitment letter and paid for costumes then YOU ARE IN!

Just remember a few things....

* Make sure you put ALL important dates in your calendar now! No surprises later on.

*Make plans now to check your child out of school early for DRESS REHEARSAL day, if needed. It is so important that the students get a chance to rehearse on the stage prior to the performance. We only have a small amount of time to give everyone the opportunity to get on the stage. Please be understanding of scheduled times and we thank you for allowing your dancer to add this beautiful experience to their life!

*It's early, but make sure you have the extra pieces that will go along with your that are the right color and tights without holes. (I buy an extra pair in each color needed and put them aside. They are just performance tights!) Lots of bobby pins and bun hair nets! No last minute shopping needed.

*Make plans to attend the parent meetings. Yes, it may be a lot of the same information...but it gives you a chance to ask questions and have them answered right then and there! Also great to hear what other parents have to add. We are always trying to improve to make our performances the best experiences for your dancers!

*RECITAL GROUP PICTURES are mandatory! During the month of MARCH all classes will have their pictures taken at ALL STARS by 6 Strings Media Photography.

All group pictures are used in the Recital Program, which turns into a keepsake and will be looked at over and over again. Individual pictures will also be used in the program to highlight each dancer and the classes they have participated in.

*Recital Program Ads - to help print the RECITAL PROGRAM we will be sending information out requesting each dancer to "sell ads". This is a great opportunity to highlight a local business, store, home-based business and independent sales. Each person attending receives a program and turns out to be a great advertising tool. Or, you can use it to send a special message to your dancer. Please see previous Program Recitals at the studio for examples of how these Ads can be used.

"Inspiration" Spring Recital Finale Performance

2016 Dance Concert Finale Participation

YES! This is the year we have a Grand Finale piece! Here is your chance to be a part of the magic.

What you need to know:

Is there a fee? YES; There is a $45 participation fee-- this fee includes choreography, rehearsals, and costume.

Is there a limit to the amount of participants? YES;

The limits are as follows:

K-2nd: 21

3rd-5th grade (LM's): 49

6th-12th grade (Teens): 40

Rehearsal dates: Rehearsals will be assigned by age group, as follows:

Fri: Apr 22

6:30-7:30-- selected 6th-12th graders-- TBA

7:30-9:30-- 6th-12th grade

Sat: Apr 23

12:00-1:00-- K-2nd grade

1:00-3:00-- 3rd-5th grade

3:00-5:00-- 6th-12th grade

Fri, Apr 29, 7:30-9:30-- 3rd-5th and Teens

Sat: May 7, following general rehearsal-- time TBA

"Inspiration" Spring Recital - Photo Sessions

Group Photos are Mandatory *** Individual Photos are Optional

These Photo sessions take place @ ALL STARS Studio and have been scheduled on select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in March.
When looking up what time to show up for your photo shoot, pay attention to which one comes first...the GROUP or the INDIVIDUAL! And plan on arriving 10 minutes READY TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED before that first one.

The schedule for pictures is posted on the wall in the studio (on the wall between rooms 2 & 3). You will also receive reminder emails that your classes photo session is taking place that weekend with a reminder of what to wear.

EXCITING! This year again, YOU will be able to view, and order your own photos online. This will provide you with more options and more speed in getting the photos back. YES! This means you will have several pose options- all at your fingertips...

PLEASE NOTE: GROUP PHOTOS ARE MANDATORY. We want ALL students photographed with their class!
***Please confirm your individual photo appointment by replying to There is a $20 sitting fee per costume. With this sitting fee you will receive an equal value coupon to be used when ordering your photos online within 60 days--Please note, once the coupon expires, it cannot be used.


"Inspiration" Recital - Father/Daughter Dance

ALL STARS Fathers, here is your chance to create another beautiful memory for your daughter. The ALL STARS Father/Daughter dances have always been a favorite in the shows. There is something amazing and touching to the heart when we see a father dancing with his daughter.

But, BEFORE you commit, please make sure you know what it entails:

This is an opportunity to perform ON STAGE during one of the Recitals to take place at the Infinite Energy Theater (formerly Gwinnett Performing Arts Center). You will be assigned to one of the three shows based on your daughter's age-- for the younger ones, it will coincide with the shows she will already participate in. The show dates are Fri, May 13, and Sat, May 14.

This will require 3 studio rehearsals as follows: (this will be assigned based on the age group of the child dancer).

Fri, April 15..... 5:15-6:15pm, 6:15-7:15pm, or 7:30-8:30pm

Sat, April 16.... 10:00-11:00am, 12:00-1:00pm, or 1:00-2:00pm

Fri, April 29..... 5:15-6:15pm, 6:15-7:15pm, or 7:30-8:30pm

And, dress rehearsal at the Infinite Energy Theater:

Thursday, May 12... time TBA (early evening).

What DADs will wear for the dress rehearsal and the show: Suit and tie. PLEASE NOTE: you will need to to wear the SAME suit, shirt and tie for both the dress rehearsal and the show, as these are recorded for the DVD and your clothing must be the same for editing purposes. Thank you.

What Daughters will wear for the dress rehearsal and the show: Nothing to extra to buy... Depending on the age group, the daughters will wear either one of their class dance costumes or a party dress (from her closet) :-).

If you can commit to at least 2 out of 3 of the studio rehearsals dates, and can commit to the dress rehearsal and the show dates, and wish to create this lasting memory with your daughter, please send an email to with father's name and daughter's name and age.
Spaces are limited, so please send your email as soon as possible, starting January 15th*. Selection will be based on a first-come/first-served basis. You will receive an email, within 24 hours, confirming your participation or placing you on a waiting list. *Please understand: only emails received with a January 15th date and after, will be accepted (yes; this means that if one is received on Jan 14 at 11:59pm, it will not be accepted). Thank you for understanding. :-)

We look forward to seeing you shine bright on stage! <3

"Inspiration" Spring Recital - Student Choreography

Student Choreographers, This is your opportunity to have your choreography selected to be performed as a part of “Inspiration,” our 2016 Spring dance concert. We are thrilled that you will have a chance to show your leadership and creative skills in gathering a group of dancers, creating and teaching choreography, and presenting it.

Here are the guidelines:

--Student Choreography auditions are open to ALL STARS students 3rd grade and up.

--Our show theme is “Inspiration.” What is your inspiration? And, what are you trying to communicate/share with the audience? What do you want them to feel?

--Dancers: there must be a minimum of 3 dancers in your piece. Yes; you are allowed to dance in your piece.

--Music: must be 1:30-2:00 min long-- no longer and no shorter. (music can be denied IF: it is too long or too short; it is already being used in the show; it has any distasteful/inappropriate language as decided by the director).

--Use of dance studios: you are welcome to use ALL STARS classrooms as available. There is a calendar sign-up sheet at the front desk to reserve a classroom for a max of one (1) hour at a time. Given the limited amount of classroom time available, you are expected to take advantage of the time you reserve. If you are a no-show or do not cancel your reservation with at least a 2-day notice, you may lose the opportunity to reserve future dates.

--Costumes: you do not have to have costumes for the audition. However, you will need to present what you would like the costumes to be. Make sure your participants are willing to purchase or gather the items you require. ALL STARS can lend you costumes or costume pieces, if they are available.

--Props : If you require props, these should be used during the audition—the audition props can be temporary props, to later be improved or created, if your piece is selected.

--Backdrop: You will need to present what you envision as the backdrop (be it plain black or white curtain, video or stills).

--Audition day: be prepared to perform your piece twice for a panel of judges made up of teachers, parents and students. All dancers participating must be present for the audition Audition Forms are due to the front desk by Wednesday, Jan. 20. Auditions will take place on Friday, Feb. 12, starting at 7:30pm, in check-in order. Break a Leg!

Volunteer Judges Needed!

We are looking for volunteer judges for the Student Choreography auditions on Fri, Feb 12, 7:00-9:00pm. The panel will be made up of 3 teachers, 3 parents and 3 students.
*Please note that parent and student volunteers cannot be related to any of the students participating as choreographers or dancers in the auditions.

If interested in this opportunity to help develop our students, please email


Q.How does the referral program work?

A: Now is a great time to get your friends to join you! Start off the New Year with a fun & healthy activity!


When a current ALL STAR refers a new student who enrolls, the new student receives $25 off registration, and the current student receives a $25 credit toward the next month’s tuition.
The more students you refer, the more you save, and the more ALL STARS grows.

At the end of the year if you have a credit on your account from referrals you can apply that towards a Summer Camp Tuition, Tuition for the 2016-2017 season or you can get CASH BACK!

Thank you for supporting ALL STARS!

TUITION IS DUE... Late Fees charged after January 7th

Remind 101

The studio will use the Remind 101 service as a way of keeping parents up-to-date on performance reminders, changes to schedules and immediate important information. We will not use this service to replace emails or newsletters.

This is a free service that allows messages to be sent by the studio to your phone via text or to an email account.

Information on how to set this up on your phone or email will be at the front desk.

Family Businesses

Did you know we are now advertising YOUR businesses?

Check out the FAMILY BUSINESS section of our website! Many of our parents and families work their own businesses - sales, consultants, health & wellness.

Take a look at what our ALL STARS families have to offer!


as we make many attempts to advise you of upcoming events and performances, please remember it is the student and parent's responsibility to be aware of all ALL STARS activities, dates and events, such as performances, extra classes, and dates the studio is open or closed. ASPA will communicate all such notices via email, on the bulletin board inside the studio, the website and often through Facebook and monthly newsletters. Parents should check these mediums frequently to ensure they are informed.
Please remember to inform us of any email, phone number or address changes.