Dark Secrets

By: Anne Schraff

Book Review

Everyone it's hard to keep secrets for a long time right , but it's also hard because your're tired of hiding it and everyone can see it inside of you and the way you carry yourself. I don't think it would be that easy to cover up a abusive relationship.

In this book our main character is a little shy and he quiet towards the girl he love named Naomi but he has feeling for her friend Tessie that he just met so he doesn't know what he wants. Tessie is in the hospital because she was hit by a car crossing the street and the never found the driver. He never really said to her how much he really hates her boyfriend because the way he treats her, but she always say she pray and say one day I will drop the zero for the hero.

One day Ernesto goes to her house to see her and she has a black eye , he didn't ask her what happened because he knew that it had something to do with her boyfriend, so he decided to go into action because he had hurt the girl that he loved.

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