Jfk class project

Mrs.patterson 1st period

Fun facts

JFK was killed in a conviterbale

His wife was in the car when he died

There were five rideing in the car

He helped stop Cuban misled crisis

People are not sure how many bullets were fired

Jfks impact

Jfk played a major role in the Cuban missle crisis . jkf also played a major role in Vietnamnom . Jfk helped with debates in the Cold War . He helped in 50% of the worlds problems at the time

Jfks wife was named Jacque Kennedy

Jfk was born into a rich family and was the youngest and first Roman catlic to hold office. He confronted the Cold War and venitam head on and was assinated in Dallas tx . Jfk was born on may 29,1917 he was the second of nine children

Image of jkf him self in his natural habitat


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