Do you have a sibling or a cousin and they did something so crazy and so of the wall and you had know idea why? Well I have.Ones when my brother Dalton was about 6 he had the craziest idea.We had gotten home from the store and we had gotten cookies.The cookies had sprinkles on them so Dalton took one and do you know what he did?He took the cookie and he put the cookie in the microwave for 60 seconds.The microwave started to smoke and me my mom and sister came into the kitchen. And we asked my brother why he put a cookie in the microwave and he said that he put it in the microwave so that the sprinkles could turn into icing it was crazy,but let's get into more detail,I set in my

room and I smelt something like burnt rubber.

I get up from my bed walk thru the hall I look offer out the window and see dad in the bobcat leveling the ground for the new play set.I still smell the burnt rubber i come out to the living room and see my brother sitting on the couch.I ask him,What is that smell?

then I walked back to my room.Still smelling it so I go back into the living room,Dalton was now in the kitchen so I walk into the kitchen,I start to ask him what he is doing but then i stop remembering that i have to feed the dog. Then my mom called me downstairs.I went down the stairs my mom asked ,“what is that smell?”

I told her “I don't know that is what I was wandering”.

I walked up the stairs,went into the kitchen to find the microwave smoking.

I scream at Dalton,”The microwave is smoking, why?”

He jumps up fast “What?”

The kitchen is now filled with smoke,The smoke alarms go off like sirens , I see my mom come up the stairs and my sister come from her room.

My mom says “What happened?”

No body mom opens the back door and takes the broom to fan the smoke alarms. the smoke alarms finally tern of,that is good because I hate the smoke alarms.

Dalton opens the microwave and takes out a burnt cookie my mom stops hem

and said “what is that”

Dalton stops, “Oh well I was turning the sprinkles into icing”.

“What,Dalton that's what was making the microwave smoke?”

“Oh I didn't mean to”,said Dalton.

Then we told him that that does not work and he understood,so then later that night it was over.We learn that sometimes somebody has to tell kids what works and what doesn't. So Dalton learned that sprinkles do not turn into icing!

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