By: Jaron Crosson

What Is A Narwhal

A Monodon monoceros commonly know as a narwhal is a medium sized whale that has a tusk from it's canine tooth. They get up to 17 feet long and also can weigh up to 4200 pounds.

Where they live

Narwhals live near the northern polar area. They live in the ocean near places like Greenland, Canada, and Russia.
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Food Web

Narwhals are Carnivores, they eat things like polar/arctic cod, squid, Greenland halibut, and shrimp. They get hunted my animals such as polar bears and orcas.

Why They Are Endangered

What You Can Do/ Should We Recommend

You can help by donating to a charity that helps these creatures. You can also try helping by going green and using less that will in the long run harm there habitat.

I think we should consider keeping more in captivity. I think we should do this because I think it will help the population increase.