Leaders in Learning

FUESD Certificated Staff, November 1, 2013 Vol. 1, Ed. 5

Put First Things First

Work first, then play....

This week's installment of Leaders in Learning will focus on Standards Based Grading, or SBG, a link to share your feedback about the revisions to the K-6 Report Card, and three more Common Core math clips from Teaching Channel. We have also included another great Youtube clip from Kid President that is sure to put a smile on your face.

As was shared at your site this past week, we have made initial revisions to the 2013/2014 K-6 report card to reflect the CCSS implementation of math and a rubric that reflects the current curricula and Smarter-Balanced Assesssments. Additional revisions will be made in ELA through the Curriculum Council for 2014/2015. The committee will also give feedback on the most recent revisions.

We would like some feedback from you, as well. If you would like to give feedback on the initial revisions to the report card, please follow the link below to the Google form. The window for this round of feedback will close on Friday, November 22.


Think Win-Win

Everyone can win...

“By comparing one child’s performance to a clear standard, parents, children and teachers all

know precisely what is expected. Every time a student attempts a task, the performance is

compared to the standard, not to other children’s performances. The most important

advantages for children and families are fairness, clarity, and improved learning.”

--Doug Reeves

Be Proactive

You're in charge...

As mentioned earlier, one of the goals of the upcoming issues of Leaders in Learning is to begin to build shared knowledge about Standards-Based Grading, or SBG. So, let's begin by answering the question:

What is standards-based grading?

  • Learning Goals: SBG focuses on the content and standards that our students must learn and shifts focus from the cumulative score of a test, to the level of mastery the student has achieved on each concept of that test.
  • Assessments: SBG looks at all curriculum and makes sure each activity, test, and project has a purpose with a clear idea of each learning goal.
  • Feedback: SBG focuses on skills instead of points.

Here is a great link to YouTube with a short overview of SBG. She has a great accent!


Not So Skinny Example (from teachtrainlove.com)

Here is a great example of SBG with a learning target and accompanying rubric scores:

Learning Target: Making a Key Lime Pie (mmm…my favorite)

1: The student gathers the necessary ingredients but is unable to follow the recipe

2: The student gathers the necessary ingredients but requires assistance with one or more steps of the recipe

3: The student gathers the necessary ingredients and successfully follows through the steps of the recipe

4: The student gathers the necessary ingredients, understands how to make a key lime pie, but decides to make key lime cookie cups with a homemade raspberry sauce drizzle instead.

Begin with the End in Mind

Have a plan...

Monday November 4

  • Governing Board Meeting @ 6PM

Tuesday November 5

  • K-8 Curriculum Council Meeting @ DO from 2:45-4:30

Wednesday November 6

  • MacBook Deployment at FSS, WHF, and PJHS

Thursday November 7-Friday November 8

  • PLC Workshop in Indian Wells

Monday November 11

  • Veterans' Day

Tuesday November 12

  • DreamBox Training at LAP
  • 7/8th Grade Collaborative Scoring Window Opens

Wednesday November 13

  • SOS/MFP MacBook Deployment

Thursday November 14

  • DII Model Lesson at WHF
  • Walkthrough at SOS
  • LOE MacBook Deployment
  • 8th Grade Writing Scoring

Friday November 15

  • DII Model Lesson @ LOE
  • LAP, FHA, SMA MacBook Deployment
  • 7th Grade Writing Scoring

Seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood

Listen (or learn) before you talk (or teach).....

Here are another set of primary, intermediate, and middle school lessons from Teaching Channel. Be sure read the Questions to Consider in the righthand bar to frame your thinking before viewing the lesson. Also, many of the lessons have Supporting Materials that align to the lesson which are located under the questions.

Kindergarten-Second Grade

Mingle and Count: A Game of Number Sense


Third Grade-Fifth Grade

Persistence in Problem Solving


Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade

The Barbie Bungee Jump



Together is better...

My Future is Bright-No Drugs in Sight! Fallbrook Street School participated in Red Ribbon Week activities throughout the week. We had a Sports Day to "team up against drugs!" On Thursday we doubled our potential with Twin Day! The week wrapped up with a door decorating contest. Sonia Farron's and Jennifer Mariucci's classes were the winners!

Mary Fay teachers were lucky enough to be chosen by the Oceanside Walmart to celebrate teachers and the work they do! Our Leaders were showered with school supplies for all teachers, along with gift bags given to several teachers which included a $50 gift card. What a wonderful gift of caring and appreciation of the work we are all doing.

The Live Oak Shout Out this week goes to our 6th grade team. As part of LOE's Enrichment Wheel, students are incorportating math skills as they learn about the Stock Market from Mr. Stillman with "Mock Stocks." Mr. Escobedo is teaching kids how to use Excel with data collection and graphing of results, and Mrs. Winston is stretching the right brain as students create their own poetry in a variety of styles. Students and teachers look forward to their weekly Enrichment Wheel time on Wednesdays!

Ms. Scott's 4th graders proudly wear their UCLA buffs they just received as a donation from the Women's Basketball team!

Sharpen the Saw

Balance feels best....

"Teachers keep teaching and students keep studenting."