The H-TECH Digest

Issue #6 January 2022

Welcome to 2022!

The Holidays have concluded, and the cold is sticking around for a few more months, but school is back in session! Welcome to the Spring Semester at Fox Tech High School!

We hope that everyone had a restful break and people are ready for their college courses to begin. Please review this newsletter for some important details and information!

Important San Antonio College Information

SAC Courses will be Virtual for Two Weeks

How does this affect my child?

Not in any major way. Students will still be having classes at Fox Tech in the classroom with a supervisor present, the professors will be hosting the course virtually until they resume in-person.

This means it will be extremely important that students have their technology every day. Laptops must be charged, they should bring their chargers, and any thing else they use (mouse, earphones, flash drives).

Students should also make sure the can access their Alamo ACEs Account and San Antonio College Canvas and Outlook Email accounts. These will be important for students to have a successful start to the new year. Students need to get in the habit of checking their SAC emails and canvas accounts DAILY.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When trying to access your SAC Outlook email, you may initially be directed to your SAISD student email account. This is because of the SingleSignOn process we utilize to conveniently log you into your High School apps. Before your send emails, work on documents, or try to access assignments, make sure you are in the correct email. To fix this, students only have to click their initials in the top right corner of Outlook and Click "Open Another Mailbox." From there, they should be able to log-in to their other email account. It can be finnicky at first, but will work so students can have access to both,

Important Dates

January 18- Classes begin

February 2- Census Date

March 14-20- Spring Break

April 15-17- Easter Holiday

April 18 Last Day to Withdraw

April 22- Battle of Flowers Holiday

May 9-14- Final Exams

We Did It!

We had a 100% College Credit Earn Rate among our 9th Grade H-TECH Students!

We had our 1st H-TECH Cohort group successfully complete their 3rd Semester of the program!

H-TECH hosted their first community Blood Drive in our Hospital Wing!

The program held successful meetings with our industry partners to continue their support for the next school year!

H-TECH expanded the list of community support members by featuring new organizations such as Christus Santa Rosa and SA2020 who met and taught our students valuable lessons!

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