Andrew Jackson

He is a ZERO

Spoil System

Andrew Jackson might have had a war record but that doesn't make him fit to be president. One thing that he did that tells us how he is not fit to be president is that he uses the spoil system, picking people to be in office who aren't really qualified but are in office just because they like Jackson.

Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson did not only use the Spoil System but while he was president the Nullification Crisis Happened. Jackson (and the government) put a tax on all imported goods (tariffs) which made the south very angry. It made them angry because there economy is based of agriculture so they threatened to leave the Union is they didn't take the tax away.

Indian Removal Act

Another thing Jackson wanted was Indian removal, removing all Indians from there land and making them move west along the trail of tears where many Indians died. When the Indians got to the new place (Oklahoma and other places) they didn't have the proper supply of food or shelter that also made very ,many Indians die.


This cartoon shows that Jackson had to much power like a king. In this cartoon you can see how hes holding a veto in his hand and on the left of the drawing it says "of veto memory" because Jackson used his power of vetoing more than any other previous president. It also shows how Andrew Jackson did not follow the rules of the U.S constitution because it is on the floor, under his feet being ripped apart.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester