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August 2023

A note from the Director

On behalf of the 2023-24 Central Campus faculty and staff, welcome to Central Campus! August 23 will be the first day of classes across the district. We are excited about the incredible learning opportunities awaiting our students.

As we prepare to kickoff this school year, we want you to know that our mission is to ensure our Central Campus students possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed so that they may be successful at the next stage of their lives. To do this, our teachers will provide students with learning opportunities with content and employability skills needed for future careers. Lastly, we will help students work toward certifications, internships, or apprenticeships in an array of career and technical fields.

On a personal note, we look forward to getting to know your child and family. Please know our doors are open and we welcome conversations that help students find success. We commit to you that Central Campus will be a place where students feel cared for, challenged, and supported in their pursuit of learning. If you need any help or have questions as the year begins, please reach out to us, or the Central Campus staff as we value your communication.

Tascha Brown

Director of Career and Technical Education and Central Campus

1800 Grand Ave

Des Moines, IA 50309



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Important Dates

August 23rd - First Day of School

September 4th - NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

September 6th - Student Orientation during the school day

September 22nd - NO SCHOOL, PD Day

September 25th - NO SCHOOL, Yom Kippur

School Hours: 8:45am – 3:05pm

School Doors Open: 8:15am / School Doors Lock: 3:15pm

School Office Hours: 7:45am – 3:30pm

Central Campus Showcase Night

Central Campus will host a Showcase Night on October 19 for families and the community to view all Central Campus programs in action. More information about our Showcase Night will be sent at a later date.

Student Schedules and Course Information

Students and parents may find their Central Campus schedule on Infinite Campus. Be sure to change the school’s name to Central Campus on the drop-down menu to see your schedule. If you have questions about Infinite Campus, please contact Mary Moua at 242-8117.

Most Central Campus courses provide college credit to students. This means that the grade a student earns in high school will now be permanent on their college transcript. This grade will affect a student’s college GPA at the community or college level. It is extremely important that students attend class daily and do their best to maintain the integrity of their college transcript. If you have questions about college credit and transcripts, please contact our guidance counselors at 242-8117.

Please know that Central Campus will work hard to ensure that the grade a student earns in a course is reflective of what they know and are able to do according to the standards for each course. Students will receive a syllabus from their teacher as the year begins that outlines academic expectations as determined by the teacher and DMACC requirements of that course. Students who are diligent in completing the requirements of their selected courses will be better prepared for success at Central Campus and postsecondary life.

John Hickling, School Counselor, Student Last Names A-L, John.Hickling@dmschools.org

Jennifer Scott, School Counselor, Student Last Names M-Z, Jennifer.Scott@dmschools.org

Mary Moua, Counseling Assistant, Mary.Moua@dmschools.org

Diana Lovan, Future Ready Coach, Diana.Lovan@dmschools.org

Breakfast and Lunch Information

Breakfast and lunch are served at Central Campus. Any student who has a class at Central Campus periods 3 and/or 5, will eat at Central Campus. All other students will eat at their home high school. In addition:

  • Students may leave the building during their lunch.
  • Breakfast and/or Lunch may be cancelled if there is a change to the daily schedule because of weather or other unforeseen situations.

Parking Information

Parking permits are only available for out-of-district students and DMPS Seniors who have 4 or more periods at Central Campus. All other students must ride the shuttle bus from their home high school to and from Central Campus. Parking is very limited. Students found parking without a parking permit will be issued a ticket and risk being towed.


Who qualifies for a parking permit?

  • All out of district students.

  • DMPS Seniors who take 4 or more courses daily at Central Academy and/or Central Campus.

  • This can be 4 courses at Academy, Campus or a combination of both programs.

  • Those students who qualify are required to complete the parking agreement.

  • Qualifying students must bring the following to register for a parking pass:

A valid driver’s license or school permit.
Vehicle registration
License plate number

Where can qualified students park?

  • 2020 and 2140 Grand Avenue parking lots are the ONLY parking lots where qualified students with permits are allowed to park.

  • The image below provides the location of student parking by GREEN ARROWS - lots G and F.

  • Any areas marked with a RED X is off limits to students.

How Do I Get a Parking Permit?

  • Parking permits can be obtained at the front foyer desk at Central Campus only.

  • Handicap parking is available and can be assigned in other lots.

  • Parking permits will be available beginning August 23.

Safety, Rules, and Etiquette of the parking lot

  • Students are only allowed to park in lots F or G, no exceptions.

  • Students must always have an official Central Campus parking permit visible.

  • Students must park in spaces properly.

  • Speed will not exceed 5 mph.

  • No burnouts.

  • No parking on grass, fire lanes, or sidewalks.

  • No parking in handicapped parking without a proper state issued permit. Violators will be ticketed and towed.

  • No passengers riding on the outside of the vehicle (example: in the bed of a pick-up truck, on the hood of a car etc.)

  • All students who qualify to park in the student parking lots must complete the parking agreement.

  • Students who are caught plagiarizing parking passes may be ticketed or towed by the city and will lose future privileges to park on Central Academy and Central Campus property.

  • Students found parking in lots other than lots F or G, or who don’t have a parking pass, will be ticketed or towed.

*Violations of any of these rules and expectations can result in the students being ticketed or towed.

Sequence of Consequences for Violating Parking Rule

  • 1st violation: warning each semester and parents contacted

  • 2nd violation: $20 ticket issued, and parent/guardian contacted.

  • 3rd violation: $20 ticket issued, or parking privileges revoked.

  • 4th violation: Central Academy and Central Campus may request that the vehicle be towed at the owner's expense.

*These consequences are for the students with parking permits. Vehicles without a school parking permit are subject to the City of Des Moines ticketing and towing without warnings.

Central Campus Culinary Opportunity

Central Campus Culinary students, pictured below from left to right, Kennedy Brown, Chef Matt Padgett, Florence Nshimirimana, and Autumn Schuler had an opportunity to work with Chef Scott Turley, Chief Culinary Officer at Grinnell College this summer for 10 weeks of intense training and food prep to enhance their culinary skills. Y-excel is a DMACC Career & Leadership development program that operates through Evelyn K. Davis program.

Sonya Smith

Community School Coordinator

Central Campus

Notes from the Nurse

Welcome back from Nurse Jasmine!

Everyone views back to school differently. Some are excited, others apprehensive, some a mixture of both. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time, get enough sleep by setting reasonable a bedtime routine, eat healthy, hydrate, and stay active! Central offers free breakfast and lunch to help provide fuel for your learning and activities. For school nurses, a large portion of our duties at the beginning of the year include checking to see if all health requirements for enrollment are met, for high school students, this includes making sure immunizations have been documented. If you plan to go out for sports, get your yearly physical as well. Many clinics offer immunizations, and a few do physicals as well. If you need help navigating a place to receive your needed vaccines or sports physical, let me know, I am here to help!


Jasmine Lester

Central Campus/Academy Nurse




Twitter - @CentralCampusDM

Website - https://centralcampus.dmschools.org

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