Chatty Cathys and Quiet Keiths

Bridging the Communication Gap

Why Can't We Just Get Along?

"Why can't they just figure it out on their own?" "What is taking him so long?!" "Why does she keep talking about stuff she doesn't know about?" "Why can't we ever have a productive team meeting?"

In the typical workplace, there are a wide range of personality types, all trying to accomplish the same thing but having very different ways of doing it. We often label others as "control freaks" or "fly by the seat of her pants" types, sometime using even less flattering terminology. Underneath those behaviors is a core personality trait - introversion or extroversion - that informs whether we prefer to be rapid fire or have lots of space.

Introverts and extroverts manage their professional presence in fundamentally different ways. This 3 hour interactive workshop will close the communication gap between introverts and extroverts in your firm, which opens up everyone to greater productivity and profitability. (PS: Don't be surprised if you learn some things that help with your personal relationships, too!)

Who Needs This Workshop?

  • Siloed departments that stereotype and label each other
  • Dysfunctional teams that aren't as productive as they could be
  • Anyone who spends most of their day mediating communication disputes

Workshop Outcomes

  • The Communication Gap: develop an understanding of key personality differences, communication preferences, and how introverts and extroverts think differently
  • Speaking Introvert and Extrovert: learn the words that are music to each others ears
  • Closing the Gap: Making sure what's most important doesn't get lost in translation

Beth Buelow, ACC, CPC

Beth is an introvert on a mission to create a world where introverts can be wildly successful while still being authentic. She is a professional speaker, coach, and trainer. Beth is the owner of The Introvert Entrepreneur and makes her home in Tacoma, WA. She recently authored the book Insight: Reflections on the Gift of Being an Introvert.

Andrea Ballard, SPHR

Andrea is an extrovert and the owner of Expecting Change LLC in Olympia, WA. For over 15 years, Andrea has brought a unique, common sense perspective to the business of HR. Andrea helps employees and Employers of Choice lead with their strengths. She is certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).