by Terah Stoker

Intro to Chlorine

The name chlorine comes from the Greek word chloro, meaning greenish yellow. It is in group 17, period three, and is a part of the halogen family. The halogen family also consists of fluorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

Physical Properties

Melting Point: -150.7 degrees Fahrenheit

Boiling Point: -29.27 degrees Fahrenheit

Density: 3.21*10-3

Abundance in Earth's Crust: 0.017%

Standard State of the Element: Gas


Chlorine is normally found combined with other elements to make things like salt. Chloride makes up much of the salt dissolved in earth's oceans. It is also a disinfectant used to treat drinking water and swimming pools.

Interesting Facts

It is also used to make paper, paint, textiles, and insecticides. About 20% of chlorine is used to make PVC, which is used in window frames, car interiors, electrical wiring insulation, water pipes, blood bags, and vinyl flooring. Chlorine gas is extremely poisonous and was used as a chemical weapon during the first world war.