Teen Obesity Awareness

By: Juan Rojas

Fast Food, Unhealthy, Addicting and BIG

Nine million teens in America below 15 years of age are obese. Many teens are struggling with obesity now more than ever. I believe that fast food is responsible for teen obesity. Fast food is responsible for teen obesity because it’s unhealthy, addicting, and fast food come in big portions.

Fast food is unhealthy and does not help our body in any way. Fast food has high amounts of saturated fats, calories; and these foods have lead to an alarming rise in teen obesity. Fast food is loaded with calories, large portion size and high in fat content are the main reasons for obesity. For ex.; KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie has 790 calories, if you add a 300ml Pepsi, that has 170 calories, you’ll consume a total of 960 calories, and the average person is supposed to consume about 400-600 calories for every meal. That is why fast food is unhealthy.

The fact that fast food is so addicting some people are saying it’s as addictive as drugs. The latest study, published in "Nature Neuroscience", likened the effects of fast food to test of cocaine or heroin, (they tested on animals). The study shows that the pleasure-center in rats brains were high from the fast food similar to an addict's cocaine pleasure. Eventually, the pleasure centers became so high, that rats needed more and more food to feel normal. This proves that fast food is so addictive and that's why people can’t stop eating fast food.

Fast food comes in huge portions and that doesn’t help at all. The fact on how huge the portions are in fast food restaurants is ridiculous. The sizes of sodas, french fries, and hamburgers have grown in a few short years. Pouring in at a bladder-busting 42-ounces and 410-calories. Last year Wendy's brought its own 42-ounce version and Burger King also promotes a 42-ounce King Size soda. With servings this big it’s no wonder fast food is the problem.

In conclusion, fast food is the problem for teen obesity. Since fast food is cheap and addicting, unhealthy, and has big portions teens are becoming obese. I think that fast food should be more healthy, less addicting and have smaller portions.

Overcoming Teen Obesity

Six Steps to Overcoming Teen Obesity

#1 - Understand That Obesity Is A Spiritual Issue
#2 - Take Personal Responsibility For Your Physical Condition
#3 - Adjust Your Calorie Intake
#4 - Understand That It Takes Time
#5 - Exercise
#6 - Understand that you CAN do this!!!