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Weekly News and Announcements


Good morning! Report cards and permission slips will be going home today in Tuesday folders. Our next field trip is to Iceland Sports Complex on Friday, January 23rd. The cost is $13 which includes admission, skate rental, and lunch. Permission slips are due by Wednesday, January 21st. We will leave school at 9am and return about 2pm.

No school Monday, January 19th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The following Tuesday will run on a Monday schedule.


This week students are reviewing the diversity of life unit and will take a test Thursday or Friday. They will review by completing stations, analyzing old assessments and completing a review guide. Please encourage your child to review their notes and old work plans at home.

Learning Targets:

1. I can show what I know about organism growth and development, structural and behavioral adaptations, and structure and function.

2. I can show what I know about energy transformations.



We have switched our focused from vocabulary to grammar for the second half of the year. This week we are looking at homophones: to/two/too and there/ their/ they're. There will be a quiz over both sets on Tuesday, January 20th.

Our focus of the week is on test taking strategies, discussing what "action words" are and how to real talk a test.

TERM PROJECT: Socratic Seminar

Last week students signed up for their side on a the debate of whether or not school should be year-round. This week, students were assigned three articles (two covering both sides and one specifically focused on their assigned side). Next week, students will take the information that they read and begin to organize it into a claim, evidence, quotes, their thoughts, statistics, expected counterarguments and their rebuttals. This research will be the foundation for the Socratic discussion.


Learning Targets:

  1. I can use unit rates to determine the best buy.
  2. I can determine the constant of proportionality.
  3. I can use a table, graph and equation to determine if a relationship is proportional.


No updates this week.