Vietnam War

Erin Moore & Taylor Hummel



Cold War- Caused from trying to prevent communism. Russia was like "lets be communist" and they started taking over other countries and US was like "no"

Containment- US policy to prevent communism in other countries.

Domino Theory- When one country becomes communist then the other countries will one by one fall to communism.

Draft- A formal demand to be part of the army.

DMZ- The boarder separating north and south Korea

Dont Know:

General William Westmoreland- Failed to lead the US to victory during the Vietnam War.

Ho Chi Minh- Vietnamese communist leader

My Lai Massacre- US army in Vietnam slaughtered 500 unarmed civilians.

National Liberation Front-The military arm of the north Vietnam government

Ngo Dinh Diem- Former president of Vietnam and got assasinated the eve of the Vietnam war

Pentagon Papers-Documents concerning US policy and internal planning in southeast Asia from the end of WWII

Tet Offensive- Largest military campaigns during the Vietnam War

Viet Cong- Political organization/army in south Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the US and south Vietnamese governments

Vietnamization- Policy during the Vietnam war of giving the south Vietnamese government responsibility for carrying on the war.

Creating Context


1) 1945 - Ho Chi Minh Creates Provisional Government

Japan transfers all power to Ho Chi

2) 1945 - Ho Declares Independence of Vietnam

3) 1947 - Valluy Falls to Defeat Vietminh

4) 1949 - Elysee Agreement Signed

5) 1950 - US pledges $15 million to aid french

6) 1953 - France grants laos full independence

7) 1954 - Geneva Convention Agreement Announced

8) 1955 - Diem Rejects conditions of Geneva Accords, Refuses to participate in nationwide election

9) 1956 - French leave Vietnam

10) 1956 - US training south vietnamese

11) 1960 - Kennedy gets elected

12) 1962 - US military employs agent orange

13) 1963 - Diem overthrown is Murdered

14) 1966 - B-52s bomb north vietnam

15) 1968 - My Lai Massacre

#3 Pathways to War, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Joint resolution that the US congress passed on August 7th 1964 in response to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Increased the US military involvement in south vietnam and open warfare between north vietnam and the united states.

#4 In Their Own Words..

Taytor: Ray Harmon

He helped with wounded soldiers during the vietnam war. While he was on an aircraft carrier 37 people were killed including the pilots. His job was to get those who could still fight back into the battle field. Harmon says he saw death but still did what he could to help. He also assisted the medical care of the Koreans.

Erin: Thea Rosenbaum

She was a journalist and she traveled around to write about the Vietnam War. She had to learn survival and she was trained to parachute into places to get to stories. She got to see the fights and death. The men resented her at first and called her the "little woman in the big war." But she soon earned their respect with all her mad skillz.

#5 Top Ten Songs

1) Theme from a summer place- percy faith

2) Its now or never- elvis presley

3) He'll have to go- jim reeves

4) Im sorry- Brenda Lee

5) Running bear- Johnny preston

6) Cathys Clown- Everly brothers

7) The twist- chubby checker

8) El paso- Marty Robbins

9) North to alaska- johnny horton

10) Last date- Floyd cramer

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Why are these the top songs?

They really embodied the vietnam era and the vibe.

#6 Heroes or Villians at the my lai massacre?

Hugh Thompson was a hero because he was saving the civilians during the my lai massacre while almost all the other soldiers were killing the citizens.

William Calley was a villain because he killed a child while he was trying to run away. He was the one to start the massacre and lead the soldiers to kill the citizens as well. So overall he was the leader of the situation.