By Evan Schieberl


Estonia was about the last country to convert to Christianity.Orthodox Christians are the largest group.Religious freedom is also guaranteed.Estonia uses the Latin Alphabet.Estonia is similar to Finnish,and some speak it.English is usually tought in second grade,but some Estonia's were born with a Finnish language.Rye bread,eggs,cheese,pastries,sandwiches,fried potatoes,and porridge are common breakfast foods,along with coffee or milk.The main meal is usually eaten at midday.Dinner is mainly eaten after 6 p.m.Estonia's celebrate Christmas,Easter,Independence Day,and New Year's Day.Clothing usually depends on the climate.Most clothing is homespun wool.


Estonia's government is a democratic parliamentary republic with 15 counties.Estonia's president is Toomas Hendrik llves.Estonia became a republic on February 24,1918.The video below is where the government meets.It is the e-cabinet.It is the government hall.
e-Cabinet of Estonia

Current Event

A 49-year-old woman died in a snowtubing accident near the south Estonian ski resort on Tuesday,January 27,2015.At Ansomae ski centre,a day of fun ends with a tragedy killing one and injuring one.Two tubes broke off flying into tall pines lining a steep slalom slope.We will remember the one who lost their life,and hope the injured one will make it home to be with their family.
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A Famous Landmark

Jagala Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Estonia.8 m tall and 50 m wide screen of falling water.It is a place of Paganic sacrifices.It is a beautiful landmark and waterfall.
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The Ridala Church,A Famous Landmark

This is one of the oldest churches in Estonia.This church was built in the 13th century.It is one of the most important churches also.This is a very cool place to visit!
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