'Running' s a pain in the ass, but it gives you a nice one!'

Boost your energy!

You know the drill. Every year people say that they are going to run, swim or go to the gym and after 3 months they give up. Their energy takes off and they become lazy. Our body is made ​​to move. But in our daily lives, we almost have no time to exercise. Instead of watching television for an hour, you can go jogging for half an hour and afterwards watching television. You will see that after that little effort you're going to feel a big difference. When we move a lot, we notice immediately that it has a lot of advantages:

• You feel better.
• You will be less sick
• You have more energy
• You live longer
• ...

Reason enough to give it a try. You will not regret it. You also get more energy when you eat healthy. Fresh food is much healthier than packaged food. Eat enough fruits and vegetables and you will perceive improvements. If you continue your life in this healthy way, you will become old and happy!

Marie S.