New England

New life? Come to the Best Fishing port in England!

Fishing,building, whaling. Oh my!

Good at Shipbuilding? Are you the best fisher in all of England? What about Whaling? If so New England is the place for you! Right along the coast, it is the best possible place for such talents.
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What about the others?

Even if you're not, You can still make a living by being a Hunter, or maybe a Corn Farmer, or even a Cattle Herder! And thanks to the new Headright System, you'll have more than enough land for all your widest dreams.

What is the Religion?

There is no such thing as One Religion here in New England. One colony may be a Puritan community, while another has complete Religious Freedom.

No Matter Who...Or What you are,

even if you have no life now

come to New England and Make one

the life you never had!!