The Red Blazer Girls

The Vanishing Violin project by Ali Ruckstadter

Sophie, Margaret, Becca, and Leigh Ann (Main Characters)

Four friends who come together to solve their second mystery. A violin is stolen from Mr. C.'s store. Also, there have been messages directed at the girls to help them find a violin. Sophie is the main character and the leader of their group. Margret is the smart one who receives the violin they find, Becca is the best friend, and Leigh Ann is the good detective.

Setting and Problem

The book takes place in a cafe, violin store, and a catholic school. The case that is solved is a mysterious person that has been fixing problems in the school, someone who stole a violin from Mr. C.'s store, and the girls have been receiving clues to lead them to an expensive violin.

Clue 1: Ben was in the basement of the school when the violin was stolen. Clue 2: There was no one in the video of Mr. C.'s store when the bow was stolen. Clue 3: There was a crack in the window of Mr. C.'s store.

Hint to the Solution: Ben could not have stolen the violin, and Sergei was not at the crime scene. Keep in mind Mr. C.'s shop is by the Cafe.

Climax and the Main Events Leading Up to the Climax

The main events leading up to the climax was when the girls met Jaz, when they got the coded message from the person with the missing violin, and when the girls video taped Mr. C.'s store. These led up to the climax when the girls accused someone of stealing the violin, Margret finds out who has been giving them the clues about , and Margret gets a special surprise.

My Rating of the Book

I give this book three out of five stars.