Greek's Golden Age

Socrates beliefs

Socrates beliefs in truth and justice

Socrates wanted Athens to think before they speak. He wanted them to think about what they do and to do the right thing and always tell the truth. Socrates taught students to think clearly. He was willing to die to prove his point in time.

Socrates said " The unexamined life is not worth living."

I believe this statement means the actions you do should not be based on emotions, it should be based logically. If your actions are not based logically some things are not worth living for if your actions in your life is not mostly correct.

The golden age

During Greece's Golden Age, democratic and Greek culture flourished. Pericles was Athens leader and he wanted to make them more democratic. He created more positions in government. He also wanted to make the Athens stronger. He used their money to make sure Athens had the strongest navy in the Mediterranean. He also wanted to make Athens city look better so he used the money to fund a great building program in his city.