Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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Your Stylist Spotlight for September! Thank you Susie!

I hope you enjoy reading these and getting to know your fellow stylists as much as I do! I have found them extremely inspirational. I'll be contacting more of you soon for your stories!
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City/State: Rockville, MD

Stylist Start Date: April 2015

Who are you? I have a six year old son and an amazing husband. We have been married for 13 years!!!!! I am a teacher and have been teaching for 16 years. Currently, I teach second grade. My husband and I enjoy hiking and gardening. I run half marathons and collect race medals (but don't wear them like I do my Stella & Dot jewelry!)

Why did you become a stylist? I became a stylist because I honestly LOVE the product and I also LOVED the vision of Stella & Dot empowering women. I love working part time, and I enjoy the money over the summer when I am teaching part time. I started thinking that it would be a fun part time job, but I feel it has turned into more than just being "fun."

What has been your most exciting achievement so far in your business? I am really proud of my jumpstart! I had 9 trunk shows (one was an unsuccessful mystery show) and earned over 1,000 in product credit. I made back the $199 I put into my starter kit in two weeks. I am surprised at my success! But, I think my excitement and passion for Stella & Dot is contagious!

When I was first qualified for the month of April (even though I started on April 21, so I didn't think I would sell enough the first month) my husband and I celebrated by drinking a sparkling rose!

What keeps you motivated month after month in your business? First, my "soft" goal is to qualify by selling $500 each month. My "serious" or "tough" or "HARD" goal is to sell $2300 each month to get the extra commission!

What brings you the most #sdjoy in your business? I love working hard and SEEING the success (it is so different from teaching, you work SO hard, but don't always see the rewards!!!) I love it when people ask about things that I am wearing! I love feeling successful! I love that Stella & Dot makes me feel empowered!

What is your 2015 goal with Stella & Dot? My goal is to continue to work hard, have fun, earn extra money for my family for travel, and meet new people!

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why? I would totally be strawberry because I LOVE pink. But, I like to eat chocolate ice cream.

Favorite place you've ever visited and why? My husband and I went to Hawaii. Although I vowed I would NEVER go back (the flight was too long and I can't sit still for that long!) it was gorgeous! We hiked and saw waterfalls and surfed. I would love to go back and explore another island and stay for longer to compensate for the long flight!

Finish this sentence: When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being… a teacher or a vet. I wanted to help people and make the world a better place.

If you were a piece of Stella & Dot jewelry, what would you be and why?

On the obvious side, I would be the pink eye candy because I love pink.

On a deeper level, I would be a Sutton.

1. I adapt to change and enjoy trying new and different things .

2. I am good at very different things. The Sutton is so versatile, I feel like that is me, (who else mulches without wearing gloves and gets muddy, but then would happily wear heels and a cocktail dress in an hour!)

3.I am patient (I think a Sutton would be patient because the wearer always has a hard time of which strands to wear!).

4. I also am energetic (that would be the super sparkly strand).

5. I am also complex (although from these answers, you might not get that!) I am much more than someone who likes to smile, laugh, and have fun. Just like the Sutton, I am more than meets the eye. (Notice I didn't say that I am pretty or stunning! That would be the Trellis!)


Congratulations on Your Achievement!

After a very frustrating summer including two months with zero shows due to cancellations and rescheduled dates, bonus points that didn't materialize, etc. -- Joelly was in a tough spot on August 1 needing 9,000 points to earn her third Glam trip. So she buckled down and doubled her effort even during "mom" camp the last two weeks. Joelly sponsored a new stylist, reached out personally to "regulars", and she booked 6 shows in one week to lock in Jamaica. It worked! Joelly earned Level 1 with one more show still to go. Her kids and hubby were so proud, with her 5-year-old asking her to get to Level 2 today so daddy could go along.

In addition to her personal motivation, drive for success, and the unwillingness to quit it also helped to have a "support" group and/or pacing partners. A small group of stylists created a Facebook group to share tips, offer encouragement, and cheer one another on. And guess what, they all achieved their goals!

There are a lot of takeaways for everyone's business in Joelly's story. What would yours be?

Straight From the Leader Dashboard - You've all Made a Name for Yourselves!


1 Joelly Belman

2 Sarah Cosgrove Gaumond

3 Sloane Cavitt Logue

4 Rene Kauder

5 Susie Pomponi

6 Pamela Wimmer

7 Sheila Markowitz

Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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Congratulations to all the stylists this month whether you sold one necklace or 100! And congrats to all our brand new stylists who launched strong this month.

1 Joelly Belman 6,742

2 Sarah Cosgrove Gaumond 3,494

3 Sloane Cavitt Logue 3,405

4 Rene Kauder 2,749

5 Susie Pomponi 2,584

6 Pamela Wimmer 2,511

7 Sheila Markowitz 2,087

8 Ria Tan 1,599

9 Mary Gies 1,499

10 Crista Oehler 1,302

11 Gillian Powell 1,203

12 Lorraine Slud 1,175

13 Caitlin Akhtar 1,155

14 Paulette Payne 1,148

15 Heather Connors 1,124

16 Precious Crabtree 976

17 May Garcia 973

18 Margaret O'Rourke 683

19 Sherry Gowarty 650

20 Laurice Sosa 617

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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What Can You Do In 90 Days?

Oh what a beautiful morning to bring home a beautiful goal! Today is your day! And whether you, or someone on your team is going for a sales goal, a sponsoring goal, a promotion, glam or a personal goal, today is the day you make it happen!

I woke up thinking about how it feels on the morning of big goals I've set out to accomplish. Do you know that I didn't sleep one wink (not one!) the night before I first played the drums at EU Hoopla? I was literally listening to Positive Intelligence meditations and giggling at 3am to no avail, and much to my daughter's chagrin, who was trying to sleep in the same room. I couldn't stop practicing in my head because it was the final push! THIS WAS IT! And I knew I had to play in front of people in a few hours. I wasn't quite ready! Do you know when I was? About 5 minutes before it happened. I finally stopped rehearsing in my mind and just went with the moment and guess what? SO FUN!

Here's the point - big goals usually take until the last minute. If you're done sooner, maybe the goal wasn't big enough to begin with. Maybe it was a lay up. Maybe I could have done MORE! I never want to think I could have done more. I always want to think - I pushed it until the last second and gave it my all.

So today... what can you do a little bit more of to reach that goal, to bring it home, to give it your all, to end this day and this month, on the floor, exhausted, smiling and knowing you left it all on the dance floor?!

Today is your day. Bring it. Drop the mic. Celebrate a big ending.

-Danielle Redner, VP of Training
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So here it is – the 2242. That stands for 2 new conversations per day, which will result in 2 online orders per week, 4 trunk shows per month, and 2 new stylists sponsored per month.

This formula really is the key to simple daily doable that results in steady growth. Watch the Team Moxie page for a fun challenge this month!

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The More You Sell the More You Earn!

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Rene Kauder, Associate Director, Coach and Mentor

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