Rockets Timeline

By: Kevin Patel

Rocket Timeline

2000- Soyuze TM-30 is the last, long stay mission at the Mir Station.

2001- The Mir Space Station comes back into Earth's atmosphere after 15 years in space.

2002- A new endurance record is set at the ISS by two astronauts (Bursch and Walz) for staying at the ISS for 195 days.

2003- The space shuttle, Columbia broke up into pieces upon re-entry into Earth, killing the entire crew.

2004- Two rovers land on Mars (Spirit and Oppurtunity) and find evidence of water that was once on Mars.

2005- STS-114 is launched to the International Space Station by the United States, making it the first space shuttle launched following the Columbia Shuttle disaster.

2006- The fastest rocket (the first missions of the New Horizons program) was launched from Earth (its destination Pluto) at a breakneck pace of 57,600 kilometers per hour.

2007- The first female commander of the ISS, Peggy Whitson, is instated on Expedition 16.

2008- India's first successful rocket is launched to the moon (called Chandrayaan 1).

2009- The ISS begins its regular six-person operations.

2010- The SpaceX Dragon is the first spacecraft which is put into orbit and re-obtained by a privately owned company.

2011- The first commercial unmanned spacecraft to meet up with the ISS, the SpaceX Dragon is launched.