UNIT 5 – En el consultorio—El cuerpo y la salud

What can I do by the end of Unit 5?

Talk about things that happened in the past using both the preterit and imperfect tenses including irregular forms.

- Describe symptoms, medical exam and treatment.

- Request medical help.

- Ask and answer questions about health, symptoms and medical needs.

- Talk about injuries and how they happened.

Talk about visits to the doctor’s office and/or the emergency room

Important Dates:

Online learning sessions are each Tuesday evening from 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST

Unit 5 Quiz (Vocab): January 12

Unit 5 Summative Speaking task: Productive skills presentation Week of Jan 25th - 29th

Unit 5 Test- Receptive Skills: February 2nd

Suggestions for Vocabulary Practice

- Create flash cards with Spanish on one side and English with a picture on the other side

- Play games on Quizlet (Scatter, Space Race, etc)

- Choose 10 words a day to focus on and have someone quiz you at the end of each day on those 10 words

- Make up and sing a silly song with new vocab or memorize and sing the songs from class

- Create a calendar with the holidays and family celebrations labeled in Spanish.

- Create a word search or crossword puzzle using only Spanish in the puzzle, with English clues

- Record yourself saying each Spanish word and its English meaning; play it back

- Act out your vocabulary; video tape yourself and watch it

- Play “Go Fish”- Create a set of cards with Spanish on one and English on the other and challenge someone to a game; make as many matches as possible

- Speed challenge: Study your vocabulary words from flashcards or a list. Then have someone time you defining each of your vocabulary words (without looking at what they mean). Set a time goal and keep trying until you meet your goal. If you get one wrong, stop your time and start again

- Use the words aloud in sentences. Make up logical and silly sentences.

Dr. Paige Galt