6th Grade Newsletter


Core Standards We are Working On

ELA: I can analyze text by deep reading for meaning and the author's purpose.

I can cite evidence from the text and explain how it supports my answer.

Math: I can display statistical data in a variety of graphics.

I can describe data using measures of center and variability.



Rita Cannan has raised money for Leukemia Lymphoma Society and we raised up to 1,168 dollars and some change.

Also we had a science fair and it was awesome because we saw Mrs Harvey's class made a project about which gum has the longest lasting flavor, Mr. Folkers' class made a project to see which bubble gum is last longing. There was an egg project about how an egg does not need a shell to protect itself.

Officer Szebo and the Gang Presentation

What Mrs. Harvey's class liked about the presentation:

- Staying out of a gang leads you to the right path

- The bad things about it

- How people drop out of school

- How the Police are a good infulence

- The guns, knives, and brass nuckles