December 4th, 2020

Ashland High School

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Note that we have adjusted our hours to limit in-person contact. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Knock on the door if you plan to come to the Main Office. To maintain social distancing, we ask that you stay outside.

Attendance Office:

Deb Falk, Attendance Secretary


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This week's Grizz...

  • Principal's Update
  • AHS 100 Years of Accreditation
  • Eggnog Challenge Cancelled
  • Tech Tip of the Week
  • LIPI Update
  • December Calendar
  • 10th-12th Grade Parent/Guardian Night Meetings
  • Winter Fine Arts Festival
  • Yearbook Photo Submissions
  • Material Distribution CLOSED 12/9
  • PSAT Update
  • Character Strength Advisory Lesson
  • Adian Ellison Rogue News Article
  • Sport, Clubs, and Activities
  • Counseling Office
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Principal's Update

Hello Grizzly Family,

I know we are still reeling from the shock of the news of the murder of former AHS student Aidan Ellison. There’s nothing I can say to make sense of it, because it was a senseless act. Even though we cannot physically be together, I know that the AHS community stands united in our condemnation of racism. We continue as a staff to pursue professional development opportunities around Equity, Diversity and Instruction (EDI) to work towards making our school community as supportive and accessible as it can be. We want every student to feel safe and comfortable in our classes and on our campus. Please reach out if you or your student have questions or need support in regards to this incident.


Benjamin Bell

Ashland High School 100 Years of Accreditation! - We were notified that AHS has just earned the honor of 100 years of continuous accrediation! Thank you to AHS educators past and present that have made that possible.

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Eggnog Challenge Cancelled

Our Advisory lesson on Wednesday this week contained a spirit challenge put together by our leadership students that was called “The Eggnog Challenge.” We are cancelling the challenge. It raised a number of understandable concerns. We will be more careful about the challenges and events that we organize and promote. Our apologies for any confusion or concern this may have caused.

Reminder: Students must check ASDconnect emails daily!

Your student should be checking their asdconnect email daily. Important announcements and communication with students happens via email.

Tech Tip of the Week

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Did you know about the Distance Learning Portal? Use this portal for: Canvas, Powerschool, and student email Log In, tech help, and other great resources!

Limited in Person Instruction Update

At this point in time we will not be considering offering Limited in Person Instruction (LIPI) until after Winter Break. We have been strategizing with additional educational support staff to find times to meet with students in order to help increase engagement, grades and/or emotional health. These staff members are reaching out via email and phone to connect with students and set times to work one-on-one or in a small group over Zoom. If you have any questions or would like your student to be considered for this support, please let me know. Wishing you all a warm and safe weekend!

Looking Ahead at December

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Upcoming Parent/Guardian Night Meetings

Virtual Winter Fine Arts Festival - December 11th

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Ashland High Arts Advocates presents the 29th annual (and 1st virtual) Winter Fine Arts Festival, a showcase of Ashland student arts. This year's re-envisioned event will feature visual and performing arts streamed live at 7PM, Friday, December 11, via YouTube from different locations around Ashland. The YouTube link will be available at AHAA's website a few days before the event. You will see the latest Ashland's art students are working on from home this year, as well as pieces completed last spring before the pandemic began. The show will be free to all with the opportunity to donate to AHAA, with 100% of proceeds going back into Ashland School District art programs

Material Distribution - CLOSED Wednesday, Dec 9th

The Distribution center will be open on Wednesday, December 16th.

We've got:

  • Textbooks / Library Books
  • Class Notes & Material
  • 2019-2020 Yearbooks (that have been purchased)
  • Whiteboards / Planners

If you need to pick up class materials, please call the Main Office to make arrangements.

If you would like to request a textbook, please email

Yearbook 2020-2021 Photo Submissions - December 31st

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Due to social distancing requirements, the school cannot get school pictures the traditional way. So we have created a system for students and parents to submit pictures on their own. The picture submission form will be made available on the AHS information page, your Advisory Canvas Page, and in your emails. Seniors, you will find a link to a Senior Portrait and Quote submission form in your CCR canvas class and your email. Please submit a high resolution photo of you looking your best! Please follow the requirements provided by the yearbook staff. Deadline for submission is the December 31, 2020.

Contact if you have any questions. If you are unable to get a high quality photo taken, contact us and we can arrange photo shoot.

From your Yearbook Staff, dedicated to showing every student at their best!

PSAT Information and Update

The PSAT normally is scheduled for mid-October each year. However, due to the COVID shutdowns, this year’s administration was cancelled. Additionally, further state mandated restrictions have limited other administrations.

Ashland High School is planning on holding a very limited administration January 26, 2021.

We are capable of giving 25 students, in Junior status, an opportunity to take the exam. This is crucial for students who are interested in qualifying for The National Merit Scholarship program, as well as practice for the SAT.

We will be following safety protocols, placing students at least 6 feet apart, and in multiple small groups. Masks will be required during administration and during any time spent on campus.

The cost for the exam is $17.00 per student, unless your student has qualified for free and reduced lunch.

If you are interested in taking the exam and wish to register, please contact Maurice Monteiro at:

Further information will be given upon registration.

Character Strength Advisory Lesson

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Our school-wide Advisory lesson this week focused on our students’ character strengths with the message: “Let’s focus on what strong, not what is wrong!” Our students watched a student produced video (click HERE to watch the video), took a 10-minute survey, then reflected on their top five character strengths.

We encourage you and the rest of your family to take the free survey

( and use the results to inspire engaging and uplifting conversations in your household. Below is a very brief overview of what your child learned during this activity:

“Character strengths are those aspects of our personality that describe what is best in us. These strengths are universally valued – in the East and in the West—across the world’s diverse cultures. They lead us to positive emotions and relationships and more meaningful life activities. We thrive when we identify and flex our strengths.

If we want to build up any of these strengths, we can learn to do so. The key is developing an awareness of our strengths and how to use them, in order to boost our resilience and well-being.

Some strengths are more strongly represented in us, are core to our identity, and to what we value. These are called our “signature strengths” or “top strengths.” Top strengths are like a fingerprint—they define our uniqueness and represent our authentic selves. Our top strengths are those that feel essential to who we are. They come naturally, and we feel energized and satisfied when we are expressing them. And when others see them in us, we feel understood in important ways. Our top strengths bring meaning into our lives, which is a powerful coping tool in the midst of this pandemic.”

More Than Sympathy - The Rogue News

The Rogue News wrote an article in regards to the murder of former AHS student Aidan Ellison.

Click HERE to read.


As of right now all our athletics programs are on "pause" during the Governor's two week freeze. We will evaluate after the two weeks and resume practices as soon as it is safe to do so. We now how much the practices mean to our athletes.

All sports activities associated with Ashland School District are currently on pause, at least until the conclusion of the Governor’s freeze order on December 2nd, at which time we will re-evaluate. Any in person club sport activity that may take place in the interim will be off campus and considered unaffiliated with AHS as they operate under the umbrella of the individual clubs’ separate non-profit entity. Please know we are as anxious as you are to get back to place where we can offer in person activity on campus to our students in a safe manner.

Clubs & Activities

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Christian Fellowship Club: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting. Passcode: 456358

Drama Club: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting. Passcode: 456358

Dungeons and Dragons: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting. Passcode: H30

Key Club: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

Mu Alpha Theta: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

National Art Honor Society: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting. Passcode: ahsart2020

Philosophy Club: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

Queer Straight Alliance: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

Tap Club: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

Truth to Power: Click HERE for Zoom Meeting.

Writers & Poets Club: Click HERE for the Zoom Meeting.

Wanting to start up a club? Let's do it!!! Fill out the Club Application Form below, connect with a staff member who could be an advisor for your club, and email the completed Club Application Form to or drop it off in the mail box by the Main Office. You do NOT need to get an in person signature from an advisor.

Truth to Power Podcast Episode

Truth to Power has released a new podcast episode! So… what is there to be grateful for in the midst of the pandemic? Teens and families reflect on their locked-down Thanksgiving.

Click HERE to give it a listen!

The link can also be found on the AHS News & Resources Canvas page.

Want to get involved with Truth to Power’s podcasting or activism? Join us today at 12:30 via Zoom—find the link on the AHS News & Resources Canvas page.

The Rogue News

The Rogue News staff has just relaunched the official Rogue News website with a fresh new look! Our first few stories are posted and more will be rolling in over the coming weeks. We’re excited to also add some multi-media including podcasts and videos this year. Check it out and spread the word! These student journalists are really amazing!

Student Tutor Center

This year we are offering FREE tutoring online every Wednesday from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Help is available in all subjects, including Canvas navigation! Your student can access the Student Tutor Center through the AHS News & Resources page on Canvas and join the Zoom session there. For the Zoom link, click HERE. If you have questions, please contact Tammy Anderson at

Leaders in Training - Ashland Family YMCA

The YMCA is offering a Leaders In Training program designed for Ashland/Talent teens (16-18) who are interested in working at YMCA Camp DeBoer during the summer of 2021. Throughout the program, participants will go through various leadership workshops, a conservation project at camp, and trainings including CPR/First Aid and Child Abuse Prevention. Towards the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to host a student-led event at camp that they decide on and plan throughout the program.

After completing the entire program, students will have the opportunity to apply to work/volunteer at summer camp during the summer of 2021. Any student 16+ can volunteer and gain hours towards graduation by being a counselor in a cabin for 1-3 weeks. Or, students 17+ can also apply as paid staff and be a counselor the entire summer. Spots will be limited, so we urge participants to apply as soon as possible. We will meet once a month and all gatherings and trainings will be socially distant and will adhere to state face-covering policy.

December – Meet and greet, overview of program, leadership discussion. *Dinner provided

January – Meeting, discussion on student led event, Child Abuse Prevention Training

February – CPR/First Aid training

March – Leadership workshop, student led event planning

April/May – Student led event at camp

May/June – Conservation project at camp, end of program celebration

For more information and to apply, please contact:

Will Robinson – Camp Operations Director

p: 541-482-9622 e:

Counseling Office

High school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills who understand and promote success for today’s diverse students. They implement a school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period.

If you need to get in contact with your counselor regarding scheduling, academics, etc., call the counseling office at 541-482-2278 or email your counselors.

Keri Phipps

9th Grade Counselor


Diane Berry

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last Names A-Ha


Bryanna Trevino

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last names He-N


Maurice Monteiro

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last names O-Z


Jen Marsden

College & Career Specialist:


Karyn Barats

Scholarship Coordinator:


College and Career Pathways: Scholarship Season is Here!

Resources for Seniors and their Parents/Guardians

Seniors have been receiving information on scholarship opportunities and have begun work on scholarship applications in their College and Career Readiness (CCR) classes. Jen Marsden, our College and Career Specialist, has been providing support to seniors as they work on completing both the OSAC Scholarship eApp and the AHS Local Scholarships application process. Ms. Marsden is also providing scholarship application support during the optional Senior CCR Advisory on Wednesday mornings and through daily office hours. Seniors (and parents/guardians) are encouraged to reach out to her with questions at For more information about scholarship opportunities, please see below.

OSAC Scholarships



The OSAC Scholarship application contains many scholarship opportunities just for AHS seniors and other scholarships for students from Jackson County and Oregon that AHS students can apply for. The majority of OSAC scholarships can be taken out of state. The OSAC Scholarship eApp is completed and submitted online, and the AHS registrar will upload a student’s transcript to their OSAC eApp.

AHS provides OSAC scholarship information sheets (see below) to help students determine which scholarships they may want to apply for. If a scholarship has a code of “auto” that means it is automatically attached to every AHS student’s OSAC eApp and they do not have to specifically apply for it. Students should read through the AHS OSAC scholarship information sheets and use the OSAC scholarship search engine to find other OSAC scholarships they may be eligible for. Students should also complete their FAFSA before the OSAC March 1 deadline to be eligible for all OSAC scholarships.

Important OSAC Links:

For questions or assistance on the OSAC Scholarship application, please call Jen at 541-482-2278 X-2130 or email

Local Scholarship


Ashland is fortunate to have a large number of local scholarships available to graduating seniors. Every year, over $100,000 is awarded by local service organizations and foundations. Students can get started on these scholarship applications by following the links listed below.

Important Local Scholarship Links:

For questions or assistance on Local Scholarships, please call Karyn at 541-482-2278 or email

Ford Scholarship Program

The Ford Scholars Program, funded by the Ford Family Foundation of Oregon, offers scholarship awards to eligible students in Oregon that cover 90% of a student’s unmet college cost of attendance at an Oregon public or private university. To be eligible for the Ford Scholarship, a student must have a FAFSA EFC of 6000 or below. For more information about the Ford Scholars program and to complete an application (due March 1), please visit the Ford Scholars website. Students can also learn more about the Ford Scholars Program and eligibility requirements here.

Other Helpful Resources...

Other helpful resources include the 2020-21 AHS College Handbook and video recordings of AHS financial aid and college information sessions, which can be found on the AHS Youtube Channel.


For a list of current scholarships and opportunities (other than Local or OSAC scholarships), click here: Current Scholarships & Opportunities. This list is updated every Friday.


All students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA asap! The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) qualifies students to receive the Federal Pell Grant, Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Promise, and government loans. Even if you think your family will not qualify for federal financial aid, it is important that seniors complete the FAFSA. Some colleges will not give a student merit aid unless they have a FAFSA on record. The 2021-2022 FAFSA went live on October 1st and uses tax information from 2019. If students or parents do not have social security numbers, please contact Jen Marsden so she can provide guidance on how to fill out the FAFSA without an SSN and information on ORSAA, an alternative financial aid form.

ACT and SAT Updates

Due to Covid restrictions, Ashland High School will NOT be administering the ACT or SAT until March 2021. Check 2020 ACT Updates and 2020 SAT Updates for the most current information about ACT /SAT testing. The majority of colleges that usually require ACT/SAT scores as part of the admissions process, have waived that requirement for the Class of 2021 as they know many seniors have been unable to test. Please check individual colleges to see their updated policies.

Students who still want to attempt to test this year can register for the ACT and SAT online, and those who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for fee waivers for both tests.

Please contact to obtain a fee waiver.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Greenfield Peace Scholarship

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility is excited to announce that the application for our annual Greenfield Peace Scholarship is now open! Please visit for the full prompt, guidelines, resources, and application (Spanish language versions of the guidelines and prompt are available on our website). Historically, this has been a writing scholarship open to all Oregon high school juniors and seniors. This year, though, Oregon PSR is asking young Oregonians who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and who are high school juniors or seniors, or the equivalent, to respond to the prompt by creating a work of visual art. Examples of potential applicants who are exploring their future possibilities might include (and are not limited to) someone: 1) applying to a college or university; 2) Applying to a trade school or apprenticeship; 3) with DACA, immigration, citizenship, Visa, etc. fee; 4) enrolling in GED classes, or taking GED tests; 5) embarking on entrepreneurial plans; and 6) applying to volunteer with organizations. We recognize that equity disparities may impact the applicant’s ability to interact with the creative process and to generate a piece of art. Our intention is to examine submissions from a place of understanding and openness. Meaning, the intention and the emotion of the piece will be determinants, rather than expense of materials used in making it. All applications should be submitted electronically.
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Elk Members Legacy Award - Seniors

Legacy Awards – The Legacy Awards program begins on September 1st. Legacy Awards provide $4,000 scholarships for children and grandchildren of dues-paying Elk members. The ENF offers a total of 350 national awards. The application deadline is February 5, 2021 at 11:59 a.m., Central Time. Please visit

The Collidge Scholarship - Juniors

The 2021 Coolidge Scholarship application is now live and we hope that you will consider this opportunity for interested high school juniors.

As a quick refresher, the Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride, four-year, merit scholarship that may be used by recipients for undergraduate study at any accredited college or university in the United States. Any high school junior who plans to enroll in college in the fall of 2022 and is an American citizen or legal permanent resident is eligible to apply (current high school seniors are not eligible to apply).

Coolidge Scholars are selected based primarily on academic excellence. Secondary criteria include: an interest in public policy, an appreciation for the values President Coolidge championed, as well as humility and service. Today’s competitive academic culture regrettably sometimes drives students to hype their accomplishments and pursue ambitious efforts merely to attain credentials. The Coolidge Scholarship pushes back on this trend. Successful candidates are indeed accomplished, but exhibit humility with respect to their achievements and pursue things of genuine interest to them regardless of the perceived prestige associated with the activity. A complete description of the scholarship’s criteria is available here.

The competition for the Coolidge Scholarship is indeed significant -- but even students who do not win have reported to us they are glad they went through the application process because it helps prepare them for college applications later on. Furthermore, the Coolidge Foundation invites 100 of the top applicants to participate in its Coolidge Senators Program, which includes an all-expenses-paid Summit Weekend in Washington, D.C and a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Applicants who make it to the finalist level, but do not ultimately win the full scholarship, also receive a modest one-time finalist scholarship.

Alert: the application requires that applicants read President Coolidge’s Autobiography and complete a few other reading assignments. While the book is not overly long, we encourage applicants to begin the application early so that they have plenty of time. Candidates who begin the application at the last minute are unlikely to be successful. The submission deadline is 5:00 PM EST, Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

We hope you will share this opportunity with outstanding high school juniors at your school. The scholarship application, along with additional information, can be accessed on our scholarship site: Please note If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, the Coolidge Scholars Program can be reached by email at or by phone at (202) 827-4291.

Class of 2021 Information!

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Class of 2021 Senior Grad Attire Ordering Info

Ashland High School Class of 2021

*****Attention Ashland High School Seniors! *****

If you haven’t placed your Graduation order yet, make sure you do it now!

Herff Jones is coming back in December with your Early Delivery Items!

Place your order before the December 4th deadline to pick up your items and pay our lowest prices of the season!

Delivery of all Early Delivery Items will take place at the High School shortly after the December 4th deadline. Exact details on that delivery will be sent to your email address that was used to place your order.

This will be our last delivery until after the new year and your last chance to get your orders in before prices go up! The early ordering deadline is December 4th.

CLICK HERE for a link directly to your Senior Meeting!

CLICK HERE to place your order!

Why order now?

  • LOWEST PRICES – Receive bulk discounts by ordering with the rest of the Class of 2021. Only $60.00 down payment required to place your order.

  • EARLY DELIVERY – All of the items that you want now will be delivered right away (see image below).

Graduation Product Timeline for Ashland High School

  • NOW – December 4th – Extended ordering window.
  • Early December – Distribution at Ashland High School of all Early Delivery Items.
  • March 1st – Final payment due.
  • April – Delivery of Graduation Announcements and Cap & Gown.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Royal-T / Herff Jones anytime for assistance at 360-254-7870 or through email at CLICK HERE to place your order today!!!

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Mental Health Counseling Services

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These are challenging times that can be even harder on teens. If your teen is experiencing the feelings and/or issues listed below, we’re here to support them - regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Schedule a meet-and-greet or an appointment with AHS Health Center therapist Kimberly Wasserman by calling 541-842-7677.

Somethings to look/listen for are:

• Anxiety, panic or excessive worry

• Grief, loss, disappointment and anger

• Traumatic events including discrimination

• Family conflict

• Depression, apathy or suicidal thoughts

• Isolation, withdrawal, boredom and loneliness

• Substance use or changes in behavior

Please note: If you are having a mental health emergency and are in imminent risk of harm, you should call Jackson County Mental Health at 541-774-8201 or 911 since our services may not be immediately available.


Where can I drop off physical paperwork?

You can drop off assignments, sports physicals, or other paperwork, in our lock box right outside of the front office.

Need Technology Support?

Ashland School District Tech Department is here to help if you have questions about a device, PowerSchool, etc.

Click HERE to access Distance Learning Student Portal

For other technical questions, contact our Tech Deparment at:


Tech Support Helpline: 541-201-2600

Click here to fill out the ASD Tech Support Request Form

Where can I access free internet around town?

See the list of free WiFi locations below. If you would like to request a Hot Spot from our tech department, please call the AHS Main Office at 541-482-8771 for more information.

  • Ashland Public Library - Open 12-4 Mon-Thur
  • Talent Library - Open 12-4 everyday but Fri
  • Phoenix Library - Open Tues 11-5, Wed 1-7, Thur 11-5
  • Medford Library - Open 12-4 everyday but Thur
  • Grace Point Church in Ashland - Contact Church for details
  • Rogue Valley Roasting Co
  • Starbucks
  • Bloomsbury Books
  • Boulevard Coffee
  • Mix Bakeshop
  • Nobel Coffee Roasters
  • HeartSong Nutrition

School Websites

Social Media

Ashland High School Campus Map

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