Antoinette Henry

Extra-Curricular Activities Now 'More Important' to University Applications by: Jack Grove

In this article it explains that some people still believe that extra-curricular activities are useless, whereas others think it helps. Interviews with many Admission officers conclude that they believe that it being in extra-curricular is useful for applications, and is good for a student's personal statement. Many admissions also believe that achievements outside of the classroom are more important in gaining a university place. Some people on the other had disagree that extra-curricular activities are important, and believe that they it has no use.

Important Quotes

"Only 5 per cent say non-academic achievements are less important than they were a decade ago..." This quote depicts how some people believe extra-curricular activities are not as important as people think it is.

"When asked what type of extra-curricular activities add value to a student's personal statement, 92 per cent mention work experience and 68 per cent say regular volunteering." This quote mentions how some people believe it helps add to their personal statement.

"Some heads of admissions say they have placed more value on extra-curricular activities because predicted A-level grades are not always reliable, while others say they help to distinguish between applicants with identical predicted grades." This quote represents how being in extra-curricular activities can help separate those students who actually make good grades and try rather than the people who are just getting by.

Personal Response

In the text it states how "68 per cent say regular volunteering" to what type of activities add value to ad student's personal statement. I agree with this because whenever I volunteered at the Houston Food Band and the Autism Walk, I felt like I was doing a good thing and it made me feel good about helping those who can't help themselves.

I also agree when they say "they have placed more value on activities because predicted A-level grades are not always reliable" because many people that don't participate in activities don't really care if they pass or not. Those of us who are in activities, our motivation to keep participating in them is to pass all of our classes, which will make us try harder than those who don't.