Packsaddle Tech Classes

Enhance your learning and earn GT Credits

Technology Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Come on Tuesdays to learn something new.

Come on Thursdays to get help with something. If we can't help you, we can find someone who can.

Both days will be in room 310 directly after school. We hope to see you soon. Let's try to knock out all of these hours before tutorials and STAAR testing overwhelm us.

Technology Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tuesday, Jan. 9th, 3:45pm

Room 310 Packsaddle Elementary School

Hope to see you all!

Other questions...

Questions that have been asked today:

1. Can we use other things for GT hours? I asked Maela and she said no, not at this time. So, you are stuck with me and Kaitlyn. So sorry.

2. What is the Smart Cookie GT Hour? Well, I wanted to reward people who have been helping me out with this technology stuff. So, for instance, Lisa Hill, has sent me several ideas about what types of google technology she thinks you all would enjoy. She is like my online angel, so I have rewarded her with an extra GT hour. Also, Misty and Krista helped me with the idea for the easy crockpot hour for all of you. We sat and discussed how it would look and they helped me put it together. I wanted to reward them too. So, if you ever want to teach something with me or collaborate on an idea with me, I would reward you with being a smart cookie. Trust me, I can use all the help I can get. Anyway, I did not do that to upset anyone. Just looking out for the people who have my back. lol. It is not required. We will have lots of Tuesdays and Thursdays for everyone to quickly get their hours. Also, even if you get your hours or do not need them, you can still come learn with us and ask questions. That's what being a part of a family is about. Hope to see all of you next week.