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Etta James

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Etta James was born on January 25th, 1938 in LA and died on January 20th, 2012. She is an American Blues, R&B and Gospel Singer but she had her biggest hit as an R&B and Blues Singer. She is best known for her ballad "At Last" and its been featured in many movies as Cadillac Records starring Beyonce Knowles as Etta James. She started vocal training from James Earle Hines. When she got older she decided to form a singing group with other girls and they auditioned and was able to record the song "Roll With Me, Henry" as well as rename it "The Wallflower (Dance with me, Henry)" and was released in 1955. Etta James got discovered by Johnny Otis and the song was divided by all 3 of them and was popular in the R&B world. She went on tour with Little Richard and was witnessed and experienced situations which minors are not usually privy to and acquired a drug habit. She had a drug problem for mostly her whole life. She died at the age of 73 years old over a health issues with drugs.

Marvin Gaye

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Marvin Gaye was born on April 2, 1939 in Washington D.C. and died on April 1, 1984 . He sang in his church choir when he was 3 yrs old, he expanded his musical abilities by learning how to play the piano and drums. He dropped out of high school and enlisted into the Air Force. He never lost the loving interest in music and began singing in doo-wop groups when he was honorably discharged for the Air Force. He Joined The Washington D.C. band and their song, " Wyatt Earp", recorded with Oken Records. Gordy signed him to Motown Records in 1961. His first single made no success in the top 50 then top 30 and then top 10 in Billboard. His father killed him while they were in an argument.

The Temptations

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An American vocal group, they formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1960s as The Elgins, 5 male vocalists/dancers. They are recognizable choreography, distinct harmonies and onstage suits. And influential to soul as The Beatles are to pop and rock. They are one of the most successful groups in music history and definitive male vocal group of the 1960s.
Etta James - At Last
Marvin Gaye "Whats Going On" (1971)
"My Girl" - The Temptations

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