The Problems of Video Games

Video Games has many negative effect's on people

Video games making kid's violent?

Video games are often accused of making children more aggressive and violent in real life, but is this true? “Studies show that children who play nice games are less competitive and more relaxed and more helpful than the kids that play violent games.” (Flanagan) This shows that depended on the game it can benefit you or hurt you. “Research also shows that in the games children play they often act like the character in the video game.” (Flanagan) So if there character is violent the child is more likely to be violent than others. violent video games can also increase the use of drugs, alcohol, violence, and negative effects. It is also the other way around if it’s a nice video game it can have positive effects. “Media drives panics about what video games are doing to children. Studies are showing that children's minds are affected by the video games they play, which can either be good or bad.” (Flanagan) it is true that video games can make children violent but not all games make you violent.

Is there solutions to video games causing violence?

It is true that some video games do have a negative affect and make children more violent and aggressive, but there are many solutions to this problem. A big solution to this problem is to just stop playing video games in general. For some people that isn't an option because they love video games too much. There are many more ways to not let video games have the negative affect they have on so many people. It is proven that nice video games have a positive effect on people, so all you have to do is stop playing the violent killing games and start playing the more relaxed fun nice games. When doing this you still get the joy of video games but not the negative affect some games have on people. With all of these ways to prevent video games to turn you violent it is really easy to get back on the right track. There are way more ways than the ones I have provided. That’s the great thing is there are so many ways to fix this problem all you really need motivation, and the knowledge knowing that video games can have huge negative effects on you, but there are many solutions.

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Video Game Addiction

Video Games are a fun way to pass time. Hang out with some friends. It can build up some fun competition. Sometimes your whole entire family can have fun. It can build up relations or even destroy some. But there is something that can change someone's life forever. It can appeal the common man but can get them addicted to the screen that fills your mind with varieties of games. With the addiction of video game it can affect your social life and can cause other different problems. “He just became a different person - withdrawn. Socially inactive. The game became the solution to all his problems. He would spend two-thirds of his day playing the game. He would stay up all night and play it. He had suffered from ADHD and stopped taking his medication(Karen Goldberg)”. Video Games can change people in a matter of days or years. The effect of video games can be so strong it can even make a man who could of had a bright future in front of him and he let video games change but the worse happened. “Elizabeth Woolley of Nashville, Tenn., has seen that pattern firsthand. Her son, Shawn, then 21, committed suicide in 2001. She says video game addiction led to his death(Karen Goldberg).” This is what videogames can do to the common man.
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Possible solutions to Video Game Addiction

Solutions to this problem come in a wide varieties. It is up to the parents to enforce the solution. The person who is addicted is responsible to keep a schedule on when to get off and when to do something else. The parents can take away the game so the son/daughter can’t play. To also help you can make them go outside and play sports or fun games. When the person who is addicted is older and lives by themselves they have to be very responsible to not be tempted to not get the game out and play and get addicted. They can set a timer so they don’t get distracted and lose track of time, since time fly’s when you are having fun.


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