The Tavera Tattler

Mr. Tavera's Second Grade @ Braeburn School

Volume I, Number II
Week of September 7, 2015


The children have been building their reading stamina all week. We are working as a team to help ourselves read all three ways - reading the pictures, reading the words, and retelling the story. We have used a variety of texts to check for understanding when reading by asking ourselves questions, considering who, what, where, when, why, and how throughout the reading. Learners are also working to back up and reread when they arrive at a word they are unsure of in a text. These strategies will help to grow our comprehension. I also continue to assess students which will allow me to tailor instruction to each child.


Our focus continues to be on place value. We are looking at three-digit numbers and identifying the place of digits. We are considering the value of the digit in each place (ex. in the number 952, the value of the nine in the hundreds place is 900). The children worked cooperatively playing base-ten concentration with partners as well as practiced our skills with basic addition facts. Our learning is also on the word form of these numbers.


Learners have been introduced to our writing center and we are developing routines for our writer's workshop time. The students will have opportunities to write about topics of their interest and practice skills taught during lessons. I have introduced the children to their journals and they are enthusiastically composing pieces which have been developed from topics of interest.


  • Please return permission slips for our field trip.
  • There is no school this coming Monday, September 14 for Rosh Hashanah.

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