Better yourself as an employee

Tips & tricks that will make you a more successful employee

Communication is key

Book definition of communication is the process of a sender sending a message to a receiver with the purpose of creating mutual understanding. Instead of all that fancy talk, I think we all know what communication is. Communication is Key in being successful in the workplace.

Workplace realationships & negotiating to keep peace

A sticky but common workplace relationship issure is that of dating other employees. Its common to find a companion at the same workplace, as long as the realationship stays professional. Unresolved conflict happens to the best of relationships, but it is important to your realationship and company that you and significant other resolve the situation and negotiate and compromise.

5 tips that will make YOU that positive and motivational leader

Tip 1: Synergy, synergy is all about having that extra excitement when people are truly working together as a team. Excitement is contagious! Be that guy or gal who comes into the room with confidence and excitement, which will lighten the mood.

Tip 2: Brainstorming, is a problem solving method that involves identifying alternatives taht allow member to freely add ideas. The key to being a good leader is to involve others while brainstorming ideas, if someone is keeping to themselves and just going through the motions CALL THEM OUT on it and ask their input.

Tip 3: Preparation, being prepared for a meeting and entering a meeting with lots of questions and ideas is AWESOME. Being prepared mentally allows you to be on top of your game while running the meeting.

Tip 4: Motivation, is an interanal drive taht causes people to behave a certain way to meet a need. Motivation comes within and comes from a sense of accomplishment or achievement of a goal.

Tip 5: Positive attitude, when people think of work they think of just getting a paycheck and who can blame them thats what there for, but the famous saying "If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life". Having a positive attitude is a big part of how successful and effecient you will be in your workplace. Dont think of the negatives think of positives.