Doomsday to the Core

Turns out the Earth could become cold hearted!

The Center of the Earth

As you may know, our planet is filled with super hot fluid known as magma. Even deeper in the Earth's core, There is a large body of liquid made up of melted iron and nickel. Without it, we would have no land to live on! The magma constantly replenishes the land: it boils up in the Atlantic ocean, freezes and thus constantly adds rocks and soil to our world. Every mountain you see, every piece of stone you pick up: it was all one liquid magma! Very slowly, the Earth is cooling down from the outside in, much like an oven dish placed in the fridge. The Earth is freezing. In the end, the Earth's core will no longer be liquid, but solid. Our planet's restless bowels will calm down -- forever. The first thing you should notice is less volcanoes, and less earthquakes. Slowly, wind and rain will begin to erode the Earth away. Very gradually, mountains will shrink and wash away in the rain. In the end, there will be no land left. No continents, rocks, islands, not even a sand bank. All of the land on our planets will cease to exist. Our planet will just become an entire body of water.

The Escape Plan

Time to Sail the Only Ocean.

The only way to live on and survive after all of the land on Earth disappears is to build an ark. Sure, you have many years to complete this massive boat, but you new life on the ocean isn't the only problem you need to worry about. As the outside of the Earth begins to freeze, it will slowly freeze down to the core, causing the hot magma to becomes a huge, solid, unmoving ball of almost nothing. When this ball freezes, the Earth's magnetic field will begin to dissepate. Without a magnetic field, Earth will begin to experience space radiation. More types of cancer will arise on the planet and our atmosphere will collapse.