Hewh Janes for President

By the people, For the people

Defender of the Constitution

Join me in saving America from the tyranny that is deficit spending, social security borrowing, exaggerated defense spending. I promise to stand by the people of the United States of America as a strong voice that will force Congress to get off it's lazy behind and get to work. America needs action and I'm the man-of-action for the job.

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Chief Executive

As the leader of the Executive Branch, I believe that my role would best be accomplished through active oversight of the bureaucracy, close communication with the cabinet, and strong use of budgetary enforcement.

Chief Legislator

We have the most inactive Congress in all of America's history to date. This is a huge problem as the number of issues spawning with modern technology, education and innovation are causing a need for Congress more than ever. I promise to be the voice of the people that will force Congress to cooperate by listening to both sides and compromising on issues. Not everyone thinks the same but everyone in America does live under the same rules so we might as well give everyone a say in how the country should be run.

Chief Administrator

The bureaucracy has experienced a trend of increasing independence from the President. This corruption must not be allowed to continue and as President of the United States I would immediately address this issue. My cabinet department would be filled with people who are not only knowledgeable in their own departments but also knowledgeable in other departments so that we may have a better understanding in budgetary priorities. I would keep close contact with each cabinet member and make sure that their decisions are not selfishly taking away from another department and that their budgetary requests are met as much as possible.

Chief of Citizens

As my motto states, I am a man by the People and for the People. The only way our country can run properly is if the governed are represented properly in the policy-making process that affects them the most.

Chief of the Party

The only way to make Congress cooperate is to give both parties some concessions in policy. In order to do this efficiently, I would make sure to align my ideologies as close to my party as possible so that I would only need to hear the opposite party argument to make a smart choice. Leading my own party is the first step in leading Congress.

Chief Diplomat

In a world where globalization is at a rise, America needs a President who can represent it in front of the rest of the world in an understanding manner. I promise to re-build America's friendly/ally image with the world by making foreign policy decisions that will create more economic relations between potential allies and create a stronger economy in general. We must work with the rest of the world to fix our economic situation and our debt will be the first issue I tackle in foreign policy.

Commander in Chief

Although I am a man of peace, if needed, I will not hesitate to protect my country in any way necessary. I'm not a military man so I would take serious advice from the Pentagon and other experienced defense agencies that could help keep America safe better than I could alone.