A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

I encourage you to watch the play A Chrsitmas Carol by Charles Dickens before reading the book, because you get to observe all the small colorful things and people that were not included or described in the book. For example: The dramatic lighting and sound affect, make you believe that its all happening right in front of you. And the the people in the play that were not mentioned in the book, for instance: MerriWeather, Scrooges maid, likes to sing Christmas songs, but instead of the real lyrics she makes them very depressing, glum, and disheartened. Another reason to watch the play is because the excitement level is very more excelerated vs. than the book. To illustrate: again back to the lighting, and sound, the lighting shows the characters mood, if the color was red or dark it showed forlornness in the set. But if it was yellow or a nice cheery color, it showed joy and delightfulness. Another reason I like to watch the play first is that is gives you a good understanding of the content. Following; if your reading a book you have to look out for all the quotation marks, commas, and periods. As in a play you can see all things at once with context, meaning and understanding. You can tell by the tones of their voices and the way they sound that helps you recognize who's talking. In conclusion; I think you should see the play first because it gives you excitement and adventure. As where a book only gives you a tad.

A Christmas carol

Scrooge had to sacrifice many things in this book. He had to sacrifice his money, his work, and his attitude in order to avoid a harmful death. In this book/play we learn why and how he does this.