Scuba Diving

Erin Cole


One risk of scuba diving is equipment malfunction. This can be caused by many different things, because of the complex equipment. "...a broken depth gauge could lead to mild decompression sickness, while a bad regulator might result in drowning" (Leisure Pro's Aqua Views: Online Scuba Magazine).

Another risk is coming across dangerous wild life. Some people forget that scuba diving is more than just seeing harmless fish and coral. "While most sea creatures are not aggressive towards divers and attacks are very rare, incidents do happen. A diver cannot afford to forget that wild animals surround them" (Leisure Pro's Aqua Views: Online Scuba Magazine). Animals such as sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, and any poisonous fish can be highly harmful


Scuba diving is one of the main interactive ways to learn about marine life. You are not able to get the experience of being up close with the plants and animals from reading about it online. " truly grasp the abundance of life beneath the surface, you must see and make those connections for yourself" (Leisure Pro's Aqua Views: Online Scuba Magazine).

Another upside to scuba diving is the tranquility of it all. "Being able to hear nothing but the sounds of your own breathing while you observe the mesmerizing sea life around you has been said to change lives forever" (Leisure Pro's Aqua Views: Online Scuba Magazine). The weightlessness of being underwater is truly breathtaking. Being able to experience that while also encountering the wild life is a once in a lifetime experience.

Is It Worth It?

I think that scuba diving is definitely worth the risk. Even though the risk of equipment malfunction and dangerous wildlife can end in serious injury or even death, the rewards are worth it. Scuba diving is a stress relief, a activity that requires exercise, and a interactive way to learn about marine life. "Above all, and the benefit that applies to the most people, is that scuba diving is fun. The whole point of the sport is to test your limits, get your adrenaline going, and give you an experience that you will never forget" ( The Benefits of Scuba Diving).


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