Exotic animals are NOT Pets PERIOD.


It's a pain for us!!!!

THINK of how this is hurting US!!! Walks,Walks,Walks we can't forget about exercise!! a walk in the park won't cut it .ALSO, supplies are very hard to get the right size and object. who ever thought of a Doghouse for a tiger?And don't forget about VET appointments , That WOULD be a pain to pay for that!!!!!!( somebody paid 1,000 dollars for a tiger to get a checkup!!!!!)And who would think thats cheap.

It's hurts the animal!!!!!!

Okay,to walk all your animals to the limit ,I don't think so ,even though your pet is hyper and needs exercise most likely you would be pooped. Anyway,you can't possibly do your other chores. Is that fair to the animals? no .Animals need attention, care, and love. If you can't take care of the animal don't get one at all? plus, taking care of your animal is not constantly leaving your animal not cared for. Or feeding it rootbeer and pizza cause you ran out of food. Also people tend to lock their animal behind a cage, and go inside and watch T.V. dumb idea!!, some people forget to feed it, don't give it exercise, or love and attention. PLEASE DON'T put a animal throught that. Also, if an animal escapes or gets loose or the owner lets it go, the animal would not know what to do! it might let itself get hurt or if it tries to defend itself it might hurt someone else or itself. It might end up becoming extinct or endangered because... it ran out of food a diesease it is not accustumed to or trained to fight for or simply can't survive or too many people kill it or... it might become over populated and may hurt other animals and kill them off or endanger them even thoght they might be a predators main prey and I could go on with many "woulds... or what ifs..." but I think yall' got it. so listen to me please.

It's hurtful to the community!!!!!

Where do you get the animals? thats easy the wild. But of course, no one recognizes it until they actually think. But did you know taking the animal from their natural home disrupts the ecoysyestems from which they are taken from, if they are set loose in the wild it may not be there natural home and may become overpopulated, or may need a certain food and might die out if the enviroment can't provide it. Recently, Japan started fonding racoons, and took some from America, and when they grew vicious and wild they set them loose in the woods, and they thought that was safe and smart but it turns out, they're wrong. The animals became growing to be over populated, and they destroyed temples and muzzelums were forced to kill them which is against their religion. So please be smart with your decision.


#1. How is owning exotic animals a proublem for the community?( name one of your ideas )

#2.Summarize the video. (either one.)

#3.Name another idea of how it is a pain for us (people) that is not listed above.

#4. Describe the racoon incident.



Cite:Humane Society calls for stricter laws against owning exotic animals.




#1.they can become extinct, and or endangered, or may eat out other animals (can be one listed in the reson #3 part too.)

#2. any answer that is reasonable.

#3.any answer that is reasonable.

#4.any answer that is reasonable.