Superintendent's Newsletter

June 8th, 2021

Dear FUSD Community,

We’ve reached the last few days of what has been the most remarkable and unique school year I’ve ever seen in my career. The pandemic, although not over yet, has placed our students, staff, and families through new and challenging circumstances over the past nine months. Our students showed more courage than they may even realize by persevering through this challenging year. Our staff has gone above and beyond to adapt, modify, and recreate their professional practices to serve students. Our families have had to make dramatic changes as well in their schedules, their support for students, and their partnership in this work with each school. I am so grateful for all the efforts put forward to make this difficult school year the best that it could be, and I am so excited to return to full day, full time, in-person instruction in August and to see, hear, and soak in, the energy of our schools having students and staff back on campus for the 2021-2022 school year.

Next week, we have the privilege of celebrating our Senior Class of 2021. Congratulations to all our Seniors for showing the determination and commitment you’ve put forward to reaching this point of your educational journey. It was not the year you imagined, and you deserved so much more than this pandemic allowed. Nonetheless, you are reaching this impressive milestone and I am thrilled to be able to see you all have an in-person graduation event. Although the current regulations will limit some aspects of this special event, such as overall capacity for the audience, it will be a great chance for the Senior Class of 2021 to be together one last time and share in a special celebration. Each High School has already provided multiple communications to the Senior Class and information regarding the safety measures, audience requirements, and event details have been shared with students and their respective families. For those of you who may not be able to attend due to capacity restrictions, health issues, or scheduling conflicts, you may live stream the graduation events on YouTube.

A short newsletter message could never appropriately capture the never ending gratitude to all FUSD retirees of 2021 for their work to serve our community. Yet, I do want to share my thanks for all of your courage and perseverance in this remarkable year. I want to acknowledge and thank our retirees. We are so lucky to have their work and support in FUSD and our entire community will miss their collective experience and wisdom. In total, there are over 2000 years of experience reflected in our group of retirees this year. In all those years, there are immeasurable impacts which have shaped a better future for our students, our Fremont community, and far beyond our local community as well. Thank you and congratulations to all our FUSD retirees. Here is a link for the video listing our retirees.

As we close out this school year, we are working non-stop in preparation for August as well. In a few weeks, the State will remove the overall industry specific guidance under the California Blueprint for a Safe Economy. However, schools will remain under our current local and state guidelines until new guidance is provided later in June. As those updated health and safety measures are shared with FUSD, we will be sure communication continues over the summer to keep our staff and community informed of any important developments and be properly prepared for our return to campus in August. As has been stated many times before, FUSD is committed to aligning with the regulations and guidance provided by our state and local public health officials as it relates to health and safety measures related to mitigating the effects and impact of COVID-19. Please know this will continue to be our focus throughout the summer months and we’ll be working closely with local and state health agencies to return safely in August.

As we return our students and staff to campus we are excited about the additional counseling support that will be available thanks to one time funding from the state. Additionally, we’ll be conducting professional development on restorative justice practice, socio-emotional learning curriculum and trauma informed practices to help further equip our staff with resources and strategies to support the diverse needs of our incredible students as they return to campus. The 2021-2022 school year is going to be an incredible new beginning for FUSD and I am so looking forward to being a partner in the great work we can accomplish together.

The current Grab and Go drive through meal distribution for school year 2020-2021 will have its last day on June 7th, and summer meal distribution will begin on June 16th.

FUSD will be serving meals throughout the summer at 5 school sites, every Wednesday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, beginning on June 16th. The 5 meal distribution school sites are Washington High School, Cabrillo Elementary, Kennedy High School, Horner Middle School, and Leitch Elementary. A seven-day meal kit with breakfasts and lunches will be distributed once a week on Wednesdays. An alternate pick up time can be arranged for anyone unable to come to the Wednesday meal distribution. Thanks to our Child Nutrition Teams for making this meal service possible!

As I close out this year, I want to again extend my thanks and gratitude to our students, staff, and parent/guardian community. Taking over as Superintendent for FUSD during a pandemic has most certainly been the most unique year of my career. As we prepare for a new horizon in August, you have my commitment that I’ll be working non-stop with your students, our staff, and our greater Fremont community as we return with purpose, with passion, and with a focus on rebuilding relationships.

With Gratitude,

CJ Cammack


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