Noah Purser

Born May 10, 1998


John 3:16 - For God do loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shale not parish, but have eternal life.

"We have bigger goals ahead, Make history " -Tom Brady


I am 16, i was born in Florida and moved here when i was 6. I live with my mom and my sister, my dad stayed in Florida and with two of my brothers. My oldest brother lives in North Carolina.


I am very athletic. I play football for Lugoff-Elgin, I use to play many sports like basketball, wrestling, and baseball. But i chose to focus on the sport i love most which is football.


My hobby is Football! its what I love to do.

Time Line

1998- Born May 10

2005- moved to South Carolina

2010- First year playing football

2012- Started playing Quarter Back in middle school for Stover Middle

2014- started varsity football as a Sophomore

My Moms Time Line

1979- She was born

1996 - had my brother Caleb

1998 - Had me

2002 - Had my sister Hannah

2005 - Moved to South Carolina

Major events in the world

2001- bush became president.

2004 - Facebook was launched

2005 - hurricane Katrina Floods New Orleans

2006 - Twitter was launched

2009 - Obama became president

Future Goal

My Goal for 2020 would be to make it to college and play and play fotball for at least to dII school.