morning glory candy pink

Does not have a scientific name

Parts of a plant and it's functions.

Roots hold the plant up and hods all the water.

Stem holds the flower in place.

True leaves are the first leaves on the plant.

Seed leaves are the first two pairs to sprout.

The petals give it color and in the winter they fall off.

The stamen contains pollen.

The pistil contains the seeds.

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The four stages of the plant.

Birth is when it is just a seed.

Growth and development is when it shoots it root into the ground and makes the seed go little higher.

Reproduction is when the wind blows the seeds and they hit the ground and go into the ground and then it starts planting.

Death is when it dies but then in the spring they bloom.

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The morning glory candy pink can live any were around the World it takes 8 weeks to bloom. It was first known in China and then it was introduce to Japan and then it was introduce to Unites States. It close up at the night and open in the morning.


Is the process used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the plant.