Who is Edmond?

GLC2O0-G Career Studies

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Me, Myself, and I!

Hey and welcome to my biography! My name is Edmond Diep, for people who don't know. I am currently 16 years old and I was born on February 13, 2000 at the Trillium Health Center. I like to play games and I like to watch anime and read fan fictions as well as listening to instrumental music. I'm also a very helpful person and open as well so I don't really mind if I speak my mind out. If that makes any sense. I've always wanted to be a Computer Software/Hardware Engineer or a Doctor when I grow up because of how interesting those jobs are. Computer Software/Hardware Engineering is interesting to me because of how complex it is and how the demand for technology is annually increasing. Doctor just gives you the necessary skills to take care of yourself and other people and I really like to help other people. I am not really in depth in writing as there usually isn't much to say about anything for me, but I always try my best. My personalities is very spiritual and I usually like to talk about things more in depth rather than the basics of it. This is just the simple me, the rest is all just a surprise.

The Lifeline of Me

The Me Today

This is something that is the most important to me because this is the moment I am living in now. It is the moment where I can make my life and the moment where I can be free with my ideas and opinions. Each and every day is always a new adventure and I will never forget that. It just shows that I continue to walk with myself throughout every day of my life, remembering all of it like it was just yesterday.

First Formal Graduation - Grand Empire Banquet Hall

Grand Empire Banquet - Banquet Hall Brampton Mississauga Toronto

Louise Arbour S.S - High School!

Welcome to Louise Arbour Secondary School

LASS Robotics 2016 - Stronghold

My Favourite Things

My Leadership Style - Consultant

My leadership style is being a consultant. I find it very consistent and very easy to work with as long as people are willing to cooperate. During group presentations in any type of class, I always use this type of leadership because it seems the most fair and it captures everyone's opinions and interests to create a better atmosphere and work effort among individuals in the group. As being a consultant, it isn't difficult when you understand what needs to be done and understand what you're planning for things to be done and if it is efficient to do something or not. So overall, it is hard, just so long as everyone is willing to cooperate.

My Influences

David Suzuki Motivational Speech

Today is the day we Decide

Nurturing Perspective - Prezi

My Parents!

The most important role model in my life are my parents. They are the people who have raised me and continue to take care of me from the day I was born. I never would have gotten anywhere without them and they mean so much to me, even when I don't really show it. They have been through so much with me and I am glad they are still with me today. I love them so much. They are my only inspiration for me.

My Future - Computer Software/Hardware Engineer

Computers is just something I have loved my whole life and I want to dedicate all the time I have towards it. I use the computer mostly everyday and I usually learn about the programming and the hardware of those computers, so I think Computer Software/Hardware Engineer is the perfect job for me. Well in grade 10, there is not much I can really do, however I am working on Computer Technology (TEJ2O0). But in grade 11, I have already applied for Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3U0) and Computer Engineering Technology (TEJ3M0). Then in grade 12, I will be applying for the same things in advance. Computers are one of the best things, in my opinion, to study about.
Day in the Life: Software Engineer
All About Computer Hardware Engineering

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

True Colours Test #2 - Harmonious Blue

Gold: 58%

Blue: 89%

Green: 45%

Orange: 62%

My result for this test was actually different from the previous, as a matter of fact. Instead of being all 4 colours, I went from being mostly on the Blue side. I feel like that out of all the 4 colours, my concerns for other people and the world is much stronger. That does seem true as I tend to focus on helping others and making the world a better place. I also care about the relationships I have with people, when it comes down to work or just socialization. In my opinion, I feel like I’m one of those huge existential people that just talk about life and focused on teaching with wisdom and facts. I am very friendly, I think of everyone equally and treat everyone with respect and courtesy. I’ve always loved the thought of helping people out when they need it and put their needs in front, instead of mines. It just seems like the right the to do when it comes to making the world a better place. Overall, I still agree with this result and regardless of the outcome, it is someway to make myself a better person to the people around me.