Top 5

sports events of 2013

St. Paul Catholic School football championship #1


This was my favorite game of the year because it was my first football championship. We went undefeated and worked really hard. It was great because St. Paul last won it before this game three years ago.

Florida State vs. Clemson #2


This is a great game because this is the first time that the Florida State quarterback was playing against a big team in his freshmen year. Florida State came into the game with a chip on their shoulders and won by a landslide. They wanted to believe they were a championship team.

The N.B.A. finals game six #3


The series was back and forth and at the end of game six the spurs had control. The time was less than a minute left when the heat went on a run bringing their team within three. Ray Allen then hit one of the biggest shots to send them into overtime. This shows the determination that they had to pull out the win.

Super Bowl 47 of 2013 #4


This super bowl was not like others in the past. The new offense of the 49ers was impossible to stop. A power outage in the middle of the game silenced the dome for a while and the teams didn't let it lose their focus. The ravens got by in the end led by the last season of their emotional leader Ray Lewis.

My first game in the fastest game on two feet #5


Ranked number 5 on my list is my first lacrosse game. This was a new sport for me and I didn't know what it would be like. I learned a lot from the coaches and it was the first step of a great season. The game was very exciting because of all the action that happens in the sport.